21 Nov 2014

As President Barack Obama began his road tour to sell his massive executive amnesty in Nevada, he spoke in a state that has the greatest percentage of illegal immigrants, children with at least one illegal immigrant parent, and illegal immigrants in the workforce.

On Thursday evening, Obama announced an executive amnesty program that will give work permits and temporary amnesty to nearly five million illegal immigrants, excluding most parents of DREAMers who received temporary amnesty under Obama's 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. He signed the executive action at a Las Vegas high school on Friday afternoon.

According to a Pew Research study, Nevada has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants in its population (7.6%). California and Texas are next with 6.3% each.

The report also found that "17.7 percent of Nevada students in kindergarten through high school have at least one" illegal immigrant parent, which is "the highest share of any state in the country, and well ahead of California and Texas, where the figure is around 13 percent." Nationally, "5.5 percent of American students have at least one" illegal immigrant parent. In addition, "10.2 percent of Nevada’s labor force consists of" illegal immigrants, which is also the "highest share of any other state."

The report found that "Mexicans account for 69 percent" of illegal immigrants in Nevada, but the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico actually declined from 2009-2012. Five states in the east coast actually gained illegal immigrants because of an influx of illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico.