Philly DA’s Office Prepares For Election Day With Election Fraud Task Force

November 2, 2016 12:42 PM

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office is preparing for the Presidential election on Tuesday.

The DA’s office has an election fraud task force in place which includes more than 70 assistant district attorneys and several dozens of detectives to address any Election Day concerns.

DA Seth Williams says, “If people do in fact feel in any way that someone is intimidating then we want them to call our hotline at (215) 686-9641. If anyone feels as though they are watching fraud, there has been all of this talk that people are going to vote multiple times in Philadelphia, that hasn’t been our experience.

But if anyone sees that, tell someone call us call the hotline.”

David Thornburgh is the President and CEO of the election watchdog group the Committee of Seventy.

He says, “I think we are all expecting a smooth and boring Election Day.”

And if there is still a SEPTA strike? City Commissioner Lisa Deeley says, “We are very fortunate in Philadelphia that our polling locations for the most part are in walking distance of all our voters.