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    Gheen, Minnesota, United States

    Place Your Messages to the Summit Leaders HERE!

    Friends of ALIPAC:

    Whether you plan to attend the historic Unite to Fight illegal immigration summit or not, I want to make sure your messages are heard. Please use this thread to post your suggested messages.

    I will be speaking for 20 minutes to the crowd on Sat. and I want to give you every opportunity to have input on my speech.

    If you are attending, drop me an email at because several ALIPAC members attending will be having a meeting after my speech.

    Kind Regards,

    William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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    William, you know all our issues.

    In 20 minutes, you'll not have long....the time as you know will go quickly.

    1) SECURE Borders with National Guard Troops NOW...immediately or within 30 days from yesterday!!

    2) NO Central American Free Trade Agreement

    3) NO Open Borders, Security and Prosperity Partnership with Mexico and Canada

    4) NO Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

    5) NO McCain Kennedy Secure America & Orderly Immigration Act which legalizes illegal immigration that will flood the country

    6) Americans can't breathe, because we're suffocating by the squeeze of illegal immigration.....we need air.....we need ALIENS BACK OFF, BACK UP, BACK OUT!!

    7) Shut down 501 C 3 "public charities" using their fortunes to influence public policy and affect the outcome of legislation in direct violation of federal tax code

    8) Boycott....National Boycott

    Have a great trip and drop us a note before you leave!!
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Talking Point:
    Just as pot is concidered to be a "Gateway Drug" that leads to harder drug use, Illegal Immigration is a "Gateway Crime".

    • They start with Illegal Immigration
      Now they need fake SS number
      Fake Driver's Liscense
      Drive with no Insurance
      Fake voter ID
      Vote Fraud

    By this time the laws of the land are a joke to them so they move on to
    • Burglery/theft
      drug trafficing/sales/use

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    Input for Summit

    W Gheen;

    Make it known that, the Real ID Act (I know some have problems with this law and I have some doubts too) was just a tiny first step of enforcement. The same old open Border still exists and cheap labor is still business as usual. Our 'Stop illegal immigration' movement by all Americans needs to move to the next message or enforcement to get through (ideally Troops on the Border or just Border Security) our Federal Government's head. So that we weigh down ever increasingly upon illegal Aliens and mexico to make it known their action won't be tolerated and their will or incentive to trample America will be rubbed out --- that U.S. jurisdictional law will be recognized and only legal immigration will get them the prize.


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    It can't be said loudly enough. Secure the border! We need to secure it so that we know who is coming into our country, and who is leaving. Every other objective, initiative, concept is meaningless if we do not have a way to track who has entered and left.

    We may never reach 100% accountability, but we must reduce the flow of illegal immigration to a manageable number who can then be dealt with appropriately with laws already on the books. Until we can accurately keep track of who has entered the country, we may as well just leave the welcome mat on the door.
    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Ben Franklin

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    You have very limited time, but it would be helpful to discuss Mexico's strategy to export its underclass to the US and avoid making the economic reforms that would reduce the incentive for illegals to leave their own country.

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    When he was promoting his Ag-Jobs Amnesty bill on the floor of the Senate, Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) used charts showing a significant drop in illegal immigration levels which he falsely claimed were due to the "successful" Bracero Program. He wanted people to believe that his bill would have a similar effect.

    In actuality, the drop was due to President Eisenhower's Operation Wetback. I would like to see you call for another Operation Wetback in conjunction with putting the National Guard on the borders and a crackdown on those employers who hire illegals. That should get the ball rolling in the right direction! After we show we are serious, we can use other methods like the SAVE program and Basic Pilot Program to ferret out the ones who are seeking employment &/or public services and encourage them to "self-deport."

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    Steps to Address Illegal Immigration

    · Fully fund and man border patrol – Capitalize on military technology for detection equipment
    · Enforce and increase penalties for companies that employ illegal aliens – Publicize to deter others
    · End all public benefits to illegal aliens – From welfare, education, HUD loans, and even health care
    · Verify citizenship prior to issuing drivers licenses – This doesn’t require a national ID system
    · Stop 72 deportation notices (aka: run letters) – It’s like mailing a letter to criminals prior to arrests
    · End the chain migration system – 69% of legal immigration – Spouse, children (even adults), siblings
    · Invest in interior enforcement – ICE agents deporting illegal aliens entrenched throughout the US
    · Assure criminal conviction of an illegal alien leads to deportation and permanent exclusion
    · Demand Mexican government support to end illegal immigration – Currently supporting migration

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    Camel City
    William, great job! While I won't go into lots of ideas previously posted by myself, feel free to use some one liners of mine in your speech if you like. They are:

    Why is common sense not so common anymore?

    Mr. President, get onboard now or be left at the station. This train is pulling out.

    The only immigration reform we want is enforcement.

    The troops are ready for deployment but the brass is weak.

    Is it asking too much for legal citizens not to be able to divert their Federal taxes in order to facilitate the building of the wall at the unsecure border sooner?

    The volunteers in AZ are only going there because of the titantic failure on the part of the federals to do what you were sworn to do in taking the pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Mr. President, will it be you or the President behind you that will enforce the immigration laws?

    Mr. President, we're not going down without a fight. Will you join us in this bold and courageous endeavor? Stop this invasion!

    Do not reward the illegals with temporary worker status. It is an insult to immigrants who are on the legal path of citizenship.

    No house is secure with the back door standing wide open. It is an invitation.

    Good luck and Godspeed William. May you bring us one step closer to enforcement here in NC and the rest of the USA.
    I wonder how many illegals got their NC driver licenses renewed last week? President Bush needs to protect the borders not illegals. President Bush is a coward and guilty of treason when it comes to securing the borders.

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    The "anchor baby" policy should end now!!! If a baby is born in America to an illegal alien, he or she should not be considered a citizen. Another thing that infuriates me is all this Spanish language everywhere. And has anyone else noticed how it seems that every commercial on television has Hispanics in it? The powers that be are trying to ram them down our throats!!! I am tired of appealing to our so called "elected officials." It is obvious that everything they propose is still trying to please the big money interests who want Illegals here. I thought America was supposed to be governed by the majority of the people. ALL POLLS SHOW THAT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DO NOT WANT THE ILLEGALS HERE. THAT SHOULD BE THE END OF THE STORY!!! Please stress that average Americans do not want or need the services Illegal Aliens provide. We would rather do without!!! Let the businesses that hire them go under. No wonder President Fox is so arrogant, he thinks we cannot survive without his "wonderful people"- WRONG!!!

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