Supporters of ALIPAC:

We have 15 days till election day.

Please visit ALIPAC often over these final days to make sure you have the latest information.

Also, we need you to focus on anything you can do to help with the elections everyday.

We need everyone working together as a team and taking actions on their own to promote our success.

Also, the next 8 days will be very important because ALIPAC may set a new all time web traffic record for this month.

At the time of this posting (Monday Oct 23), we are at 1,459,567 page views at for the month.

It would be great news for us to set a new all time web traffic record on the eve of the elections. This will happen if we pass the current record of 2,532,079 page views set in May of 2006!

To help us set a new record this month and to have maximum impact on the elections, please consider the following actions.

1. Please visit everyday and spend as much time on the site and on the volunteer efforts as possible. Make ALIPAC your base of operations as you work to support our endorsed campaigns.

2. Read the homepage news and the articles in the News by ALIPAC Activists section in the Discussion Groups each day and post comments.

3. Make sure you have reviewed all of the information found in the ALIPAC Action Panel on the top blue tool bar so you can share this info with others.

4. Check the National Candidate Endorsements section each day for updates. Review this information and the blacklists for your area and spread the word.

5. Send e-mails to friends explaining to them how important this year's elections are and how we need Americans working together on these elections to protect our nation from illegal immigration. Send them our way and help us get them active. New supporters are asked to sign up for our e-mail alerts, as volunteers, and as contributors.

6. Place links on other websites and in other online forums showing people the way to Post links to important articles on our homepage you think others should read. Post links to our candidate endorsement section to increase visibility.

7. Check the website traffic levels often to see how we are doing by clicking on the blue number (26,528,161) in the box on the bottom left titled Site Traffic. You will need to click on Detailed Statistics to see how we are doing each day.

We want to set a new record and we want to build our online team up as much as possible for these last two weeks.

We hope to see you here often and we hope to see you taking action.

We need all of the great citizen activists we can get on the ALIPAC team for this final push!

Yours in the cause,

William Gheen