Politico Highlights Fan Art of Bernie Sanders Punching ‘Hitler’ Trump as Trump Supporters Mobbed, Attacked

3 Jun 2016
Washington, DC

On the same day that supporters of Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump were viciously attacked by a violent Democrat-supporting mob, Politico chose to highlight artwork depicting violence against Trump himself by a would-be Bernie Sanders as Captain America.

In an article exhibiting the Sanders-related artwork of grassroots artists, Politico chose the image of Bernie/Captain American punching Trump/Hitler as among “the best art that has been inspired by Bernie’s unlikely and dogged quest for the presidency.”

Poltico’s Matt Wuerker and Brianna Gurciullo write of the image:

The above art is by Miguel and Alejandro Vega, two teenage twins from Los Angeles. The description on their website reads: “Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is depicted as Captain America in an homage to the hero’s first issue by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby! The First Avenger leaps into battles and delivers a blow against the forces of evil!” You can find more of their work on their The Art of Twinsvega page on Facebook.

The following video tweeted by Politico’s own director of photography, M. Scott Mahaskey, shows a mob of Bernie supporters violently attacking Trump supporters at the San Jose rally Thursday night, while chanting, “Bernie, Bernie!” at one point.

(video within tweet, to view please click on the source link below)