Poll: Americans Oppose Joe Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan, Immigration, Crime, and Gun Violence

by WENDELL HUSEBØ 30 Aug 2021

Americans oppose President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, immigration, crime, and gun violence, an ABC News/Ipsos Monday poll conducted August 27 to August 28 revealed.


Fifty-nine percent
disapprove of Biden’s handing of the deadly Afghan crisis with 38 approving. Forty-one percent disapproved in July with 55 percent approving.

ABC News

84% of Americans believe U.S. troops should remain in Afghanistan until all Americans are evacuated, and 71% think they should stay until all Afghans who helped the U.S. are evacuated as well, per a new @ABC News/Ipsos poll.

Overwhelming bipartisan support for keeping troops in Afghanistan until all Americans, Afghans who...
There is broad bipartisan support for keeping troops in Afghanistan until all Americans and Afghans who aided the U.S. have been evacuated, an ABC News/Ipsos poll finds.


10:46 PM · Aug 29, 2021


Fifty-six percent disapprove of Biden’s handing of immigration and the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, down five percent since July. Only 41 percent currently approve of Biden’s immigration performance.


Fifty percent disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of crime while 46 percent approve. In July, 58 percent disapproved of Biden on crime with 39 percent approving.

Gun Violence:

Concerning gun violence, 52 percent disapprove of Biden’s handling while 44 percent approve. July’s numbers indicate 61 percent disapproved and 37 approved.

The poll also asked if “U.S. troops should stay in Afghanistan until all Americans have been evacuated, or not?” 84 percent said yes and 15 percent said no.

Breitbart News reported thousands of Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan. The State Department originally indicated about 11,000 Americans were in the country at the time of its collapse. As of Monday, only 5,400 have been evacuated.

The poll sampled 513 Americans and has a sampling error rate of 4.9 percent.