POLL: Two-Thirds of French Citizens Want to Restrict Immigration

Jose Nino | Nov 17, 2022

Almost 70% of French citizens believe that the government should implement stronger restrictions on immigration, per a poll conducted by the CSA Institute for CNEWS. This poll was published on November 15, 2022.
67% of French citizens want more stringent immigration. This comes against the backdrop of growing migration from the Global South, which has generated a host of social problems ranging from a strained welfare state to rising crime.

This survey specifically asked respondents: “Would you like France to have a much stricter policy regarding the reception of migrants (i.e. to welcome fewer of them on our territory)?”
According to Remix News, 67% respondents said “Yes” while 33% said “No.”

According to the poll, French males were enthusiastic about a stronger policy towards foreign migrants. Specifically, 69% of men responded positively to immigration restrictionist sentiment compared with 65% of women.
There were generational differences in terms of restrictionist sentiment. French citizens of the 18-24 age range (52%) were in favor of laxer immigration policies, whereas 73% of French citizens ages 65 and older favored stronger immigration measures. In total, 72% of French citizens over 50 support stiffer immigration measures.

Like most of the West, France is facing an existential demographic crisis thanks to the mass immigration agenda its elites have pursued in the last 50 years. What’s at stake now is the civilizational disappearance of various long-standing nations.
The only way this doomsday scenario can be averted is for right-wing nationalist parties to take power, shut down open border lobbies, close their borders, and implement full-fledged immigration moratoria to promote assimilation. Full measures, not half-measures, are needed to save Western civilization from an inevitable extinction event.

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