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    Preparing ALIPACers for Big Changes


    This note is to prepare you all for big changes that will be coming very soon to this website.

    Soon, we will begin to attempt to upgrade our software. This may involve some outages, some things not working correctly, and some data loss.

    We will try our best to forewarn you about data loss and most of it will be information telling you that articles and comments posted here at certain times will NOT migrate to our new site with us.

    When we migrate to the new system, all of your first posts there may or may not be permanent.

    So we ask for your patience but we actually need to ask for more.

    We are asking for you to be ready to roll with the changes and do your best to 1. Learn the capabilities of the new software as soon as possible during our transition and 2. Renew your energy level to help us sustain operations and kick things off well.

    In the new software environment you will likely see even more web traffic, viewers, and participants than we have now. You will also likely see things run about four times faster than they run now. You will be able to share posts here by Facebook and other social media easier and you will be able to post VIDEOS and other content with greater ease. There will also me more emoticons you can use.

    Heck, there are probably new features I do not even know about yet.

    I have decided that we are going to move the Discussion Groups first and for a week or so, when people visit they may just see the boards here. I want to see how our statistics react to that configuration before we build a new homepage on the front end of the website.

    Please make sure you take the following steps.

    1. Make double sure you are receiving our email alerts and you are tied in to our Facebook page as well as an emergency backup.

    2. Make sure you write down my email and you write down the ALIPAC phone numbers (866) 703-0864

    If the site goes down or something does not work right do not panic or contact me right away. Give it an hour or two to resolve before making contact. IF at that point you notice a big problem or need help start off by emailing me at and if then call me IF the email bounces back or you dont hear from me within an hour or so.

    We need you to be prepared, be patient, and be ready to help us trouble shoot the new system.

    Are all of you ready to learn some new skills while at the same time increasing the power of what you can do in this struggle?

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    W, This old dog will try her best to learn all the new tricks! Sounds exciting!

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