Can You Smell What Barack Is Cooking? President Evangelizes Liberalism To Latent Hispanic Voters On Texas Jobs Visit

May 10, 2013 by Ben Bullard


It requires generalization, assumption and condescending disdain to complete a circle of logic that presumes a lemming-like, groupthink mentality as a defining characteristic of all the members of an amorphous and diverse ethnic population.

So NPR stepped up and did a generalizing, assuming and condescending story Thursday on how, if President Barack Obama can start getting himself in front of the State’s Hispanic citizens, they’ll start voting more often. The presumptuous part is, of course, that they’ll vote Democratic and turn the political tide in Red Texas. The story doesn’t go into much detail about why that’s so. It’s just a simple fact mainstream media seems to take for granted.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was set to greet Obama in Austin Thursday, with the President hitting the Lone Star State as the first stop on his “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity” economic pep rally tour.

The visit is ostensibly all about jobs and the economy, a way for Obama to refocus one of his key administrative ambitions after botching one hare-brained Congressional collaboration after another since the start 2013. But the Texas trip also gives the President a chance to extend the poison apple of liberal policy to what NPR portrayed as a massive segment of would-be voters in Texas that, if treated generally, hasn’t shown much interest in politics.

Ahead of his arrival in a low-regulation, pro-business State with an economy among the Nation’s strongest, the President had already signaled he’d follow his established pattern of co-opting others’ success and then flipping the script.

On Wednesday, Wayne Slater of The Dallas News succinctly forecast how Obama’s strategy would unfold:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says the president is traveling to Texas tomorrow because while there’s lots of gridlock and partisan infighting in Washington, the Lone Star State is home to the kind of economic growth Obama wants to highlight…

…Some words you’re likely to hear tomorrow in Texas: middle class, economic opportunity, education, jobs.

Some words you won’t hear: Battleground Texas, an effort by several Obama campaign veterans to relocate in the state and begin a project aimed at turning reliably Republican Texas blue.

“Obama lost Texas by more than 1 million votes last year. But Democrats believe their fortunes in the Lone Star State may soon change, thanks to demographics and a new organizational push,” offers NPR, quoting a political demographer who adds there’s “a lot of upside potential for the Latino vote.”

Why, for liberals, does that assumption persist?

Selling quick fixes, mediocrity and safety nets in a race-baiting perversion of the American dream does work — so long as the people who’re buying are uninformed.

The ambitions of generations of blacks in the U.S. have been squelched by liberals whose goal was never to stand to the side while the cream of humanity rose to the top, but to keep as many warm-bodied, functionally illiterate constituents as ignorant as possible, for as long as possible, through entitlements that exempted individuals from the real world; that exempted them from walking the arduous path toward a fundamental education; toward the job market; toward a free, self-willed and prosperous life.

No pain, no gain. And liberals love to take away the pain, to the absurd point of creating a second, parasitic fantasy world — one that feeds off the real one with which it’s become conjoined. Many of the black politicians who have helped carry out that mission were born into the liberal-led entitlement matrix of the post-Civil Rights era, and have never known life outside the bubble. Now they do their masters’ dirty work by proxy.

Don’t make the mistake of accepting that Hispanics who vote have no choice but to vote with liberals. That may one day prove true, from one end of the country to the other, but there’s absolutely nothing inevitable or predestined about it. The insidious liberal campaign to compartmentalize Hispanics into voter chattel isn’t as entrenched or opaque as the same effort among American blacks. And it doesn’t have to win out among Hispanic citizens who believe America is a place that’s supposed to give industrious and hardworking people a fair shot at a better life.

Just ask Texas’ own Ted Cruz.