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    President Obama’s Brilliant Strategy No One Seems To Recognize

    President Obama’s Brilliant Strategy No One Seems To Recognize

    September 8, 2013
    By Wayne Bomgaars

    As the media interprets recent events as Obama’s march to war, America and the world falls for it hook, line and sinker. Say what you want about Obama but he is a very smart man. He would never ask permission he did not need from Congress to launch a strike on Syria unless he knew beyond a doubt he could get it. That is if his real intentions were to actually carry out military operations. But why on earth does it appear he wants this war?

    After agonizing over this question over and over I began to realize there is only one logical explanation. He does not. Only a month ago the GOP was accusing Obama of being weak for not acting when the “red line” was crossed.

    There was pressure for him not only from the US but from the world as well. The reputation of the great American defender was on the line.

    Still it was obvious at the time Obama did not want to rush into another quagmire, bogging down the rest of his tenure as our nation’s leader. But the evidence kept rolling in. He had to do something not only for his reputation as a world leader but for the United States as well.

    Cue the British Parliament to provide Obama with the perfect out. Just days after Britain’s governing body eliminated any joint action with the US to participate in a coalition to strike the Assad regime, Obama made a surprising and decisive move. Against the advice of all his advisors, he put any US participation in the hands of our do-nothing Congress with no chance they would give him the approval he needed.

    Not because it isn’t the right thing to do but because Obama was asking for it. The outcome is a given if you just take a step back and look at the situation rationally. And there is no way Obama is going to launch this attack once Congress says no. It would be political suicide.

    Bush may have gotten away with it but America is not going to let it happen again. The fallout would signal the end of any and all effectiveness the Obama administration for the remaining years of his presidency. And history would place him with the likes of war criminals like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Let me repeat this. Obama is not that stupid!

    So why then does our president appear to be beating the drums of war? The simple answer is he is now regarded as a hawkish leader before the US and the world. And he does so without having to fire a shot. He appears wholeheartedly in favor of a strike and is playing the part well. The hawk stands upon his perch without lifting a talon as Congress now takes any and all responsibility for lack of action on the part of the US. And during this entire debacle, he even manages to make republicans come out as anti-war; something even no one thought possible only a month ago.

    If this sounds like an improbable scenario I ask that you to ponder for a moment the potential outcome:

    No war

    Obama and America look strong and world leaders should not doubt

    Obama’s willingness to take action

    Congress was made to do their job

    Congress will take the responsibility of inaction

    Republicans have to pretend they are anti-war

    Americans comes out against any further wars thereby providing the beginning of the end to our perpetual war

    Puts pressure on the UN to take other action

    Suddenly the UN is eager to accept other harsh non-military actions against Syria

    And there is even the added bonus that the GOP weakening the push to shut down the government over the debt ceiling will not proceed with the intense battle anticipated. Next week Congress returns for only nine days. Nine days to act on the Syrian War, the debt ceiling, immigration, the Voting Rights Acts and many other important issues.
    Seeing they can barely rename a post office, Congress will not have the ability to once again play games with by demanding cuts and further tax cuts for corporations. It will have to accept a reasonable offer or be blamed for damage to our nation’s credit rating.

    Republicans are very aware they will face blame and backlash should this happen.

    Tell me this isn’t the best outcome ever. And I honestly think this was Obama’s intention from the beginning. You know damn well if he didn’t do anything, Republicans would be calling him weak because of the corner he had painted himself in when he talked about the red line.

    Granted, Obama made a mistake with his “red line” comment, but by acting in a calm savvy manner, he can come out looking the part of the tough guy without even taking a swing. And he smiles as Congress does for him what he wanted in the first place.

    If America could just set down their pitchforks and torches for a moment, they would be able to see what brilliant strategy this is..
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    WATCH The Real Reason for War with Syria;Subsequent Wars Already Planned

    Posted by: Sam Wright
    Posted date: September 09, 2013 In: Blog Posts

    A video compilation circulating on YouTube may serve as a quick rundown of things that the majority of the world quite possibly have no idea is taking place. It sheds light on what may really be going on behind Government in the United States. The most chilling part of the video, is in the first minute, a speech given by General Wesley Clark in 2007 where he outlines the United State’s plans to attack and destroy 7 governments in 5 years. Starting with Iraq, then followed by Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Iran; the United States plans to destabilize the Middle East in order to control it. Is General Clark’s speech the key to President Obama’s apparent need for a war in Syria?

    His claims of a memo that was given to him by the Secretary of Defense would certainly explain why war is even on the table after there has been such a large turnout of anti-war protests in recent weeks.

    The only issue with his speech is that it was pointing out that the Bush administration had planned to carry all of this out during his presidency. Could they have hit some unexpected bumps in the road that prevented this from taking place within the proposed amount of time? War is only organized chaos, after all. Watch this 7 minute video, and you decide whether the wars past and possible are planned events. It may give new meaning to the phrase “calculated attack”.
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