H2 Note: Lest we forget, the fines, penalties, collections, and enforcement for Obamacare is who?


Washington Examiner
By Charlie Spiering
MARCH 14, 2014

President Obama warns youth: Sign up for Obamacare or we will charge you a penalty

President Obama warned young people that if they don't sign up for Obamacare by March 31, they will face a penalty -- if they can afford it.
During an interview with radio host Ryan Seacrest, Obama explained that young people might be charged a fine if they don't get insured.

"If you can afford it — you just decide you don't want to get it because your attitude is 'nothing's ever going to happen to me' — then you'll be charged a penalty," Obama explained.

Obama was careful to specify that people who can't afford Obamacare will not suffer a penalty, thanks to a "hardship exemption," but encouraged everyone to sign up.

"[Y]ou never know what kind of curveballs life throws at you,” he warned.