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    The President's Executive Order DREAM Act Amnesty

    Millions of the undocumented are now breathing easier ... ... nesty.html

    Barack's Best Amnesty
    Five groups were key in the election of our President, three years ago:

    1. Voters intent upon repudiating the eight years of the Bush Administration.
    2. Blacks
    3. Latinos
    4. College educated white females
    5. Independents

    Fifteen months before Obama's second round with the national electorate, however, the landscape has changed significantly. Group One no longer exists. Group Two is enduring a 16% unemployment rate. Group Three is composed of many people who are hopping mad that the President has failed to deliver the amnesty he promised, on the campaign trail, during his first year in office; and Groups Four and Five are being buffeted about by a plummeting stock market and a greatly devalued U.S. dollar.

    Let's be realistic, if a presidential election were held next week, Barack Obama would be a Dead Incumbent Walking. The members of the groups, listed above, who propelled him to victories in many swing states, would cast their ballots for him in reduced numbers. Additionally, the President could expect to receive even fewer votes from the groups that supported him in low numbers the first time around. Thanks to Obamacare, with Employed White Males and Voters 65 and Over, the former Illinois senator is viewed as even more of an extremist fringe character than he was in 2008.

    In short, Mr. Obama must re-energize his base if he wants a chance to serve a second term. Given the amount of debt he has heaped upon the nation, however, there's little chance job growth will drastically improve. Further, the stock market is subject to financial fortunes overseas and a host of factors over which he has little or no control. Finally, he'd rather die than scrap his widely derided socialized medicine scheme, which he believes will be his great legacy ... so that leaves the amnesty. There are just two problems: The economy stinks and there hasn't been anything close to a majority of voters who have voiced support for the concept of rewarding immigration and employment law violators with residency rights.

    What's a President to do? Pretend he's Congress, that's what! More specifically, Barack Obama has authorized the Department of Homeland Security to essentially stop seeking deportations of illegal alien college students (along with many others currently in the country unlawfully). If you can't get the law changed, just stop enforcing the parts you find politically inconvenient! In substance, the DHS will no longer be seeking the removal of illegal aliens brought here as children or those pursuing higher education. To get hauled into deportation proceedings, one is probably going to have to start killing, robbing or raping. And what of the 300,000 people currently in deportation proceedings? We've already been told that most of them can expect to receive work permits.

    It's not quite the amnesty he or the illegals wanted, but hey, it's the best Mr. Obama can do under the circumstances. Truth be told, he probably never thought it would be this difficult. The DREAM Act was submitted to Congress twice during his presidency but those silly legislators just wouldn't pass it! Resultingly, rather than accept the will of the people as voiced by their elected representatives, he does an end around by forsaking his oath to uphold the Constitution and enforce federal laws.

    Now, the only things that remains to be seen are how millions of Hispanic voters react, and just what other chicanery the President will conjure up in his desperate attempt to motivate his base of loyalist supporters to vote for him again next year.

    For a peek at the level of support and excitement the President formerly received from many in the Latino community, click on the following link:

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    No so fast .
    it all about Vote & don't fool your self. hear the Voice of American
    No Amnesty
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Congress is in recess, that means they're at home, hangin' with da Homie's! At the bottom of each page is your local contact information, this President is committing a federal crime of treasonous proportions!

    Contact your local Senate: ... rs_cfm.cfm

    Contact your local House Reps:

    I think it would be a good idea to call and email the GOP candidates and give them this information so they could use this or should use it to stop the "King of Kings"

    Michelle Bachmann:

    This is Michelle's email link, and these are the 4 digit codes needed to email her!



    Mitt Romney:

    Rick Perry:

    Ron Paul: ... cribe.html

    Herman Cain:

    Capital switch board: Leave a voice mail for your favorite congressman/woman!
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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