Prison Inmates, Dead People Get Unemployment Benefits


Whenever the government gets involved in doling out cash you can always find large amounts of “improper payments”. According to the U.S. Labor Dept improper payments for unemployment benefits topped a whopping $15 billion in 2011. That means that for every $9 dollars that was paid out approximately $1 of it was paid out erroneously! This is not exactly the track record someone would write home to mom about.

Some of these improper benefit payments went to such recipients as prison inmates, illegal aliens and the deceased. Some of these payments went to those who quit their jobs voluntarily.

When will government administrators realize that there will always be people who try and scam the system? The sad part is, like most government transfer payments, that when administrators pay fraudulent benificairies there is less money going to the people who actually need the help

Check out the list of states below with their percentages of “improper payments” to unemployment beneficiaries. Some of these percentages may shock you. How is your state doing?