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    Pro-illegal article with pathetic photo of sobbing illegal

    Illegal immigration flow may be reversing ... l.html.csp


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    Honestly, the more sob stories I see the more I am ready for the demise of newspapers! They are no more "news" than they are cheerleaders for illegal immigration and I for one am fed up with it!

    This is the same reason I no longer watch most TV, I am sick of being spoon-fed open border philosophy as a story line! Like Undercover Boss and Medium have done in the past month! I quit watching those programs and I blasted the networks ( not that they care). I also blasted Chiquita for their show on the former illegal CEO, I got a letter back from them and coupons... all of which I returned to them. I told them I would never buy another Chiquita product and I meant it! They can't bribe me with freebies...

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    And I'm tired of hearing these oh so sad stories about these thieves Buh-bye.
    "A Nation of sheep will beget a government of Wolves" -Edward R. Murrow

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Nothing more than propaganda for their agenda. Sickening.

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    Using a fake Social Security number, husband in detention (drugs or driving illegally?).

    Kids - free school for 18 years, free healthcare, probably free food stamps, housing assistance.

    And she's tired of being afraid of deportation?

    I am a lot more tired of supporting her and her family for 18 years, not paying taxes, using benefits, breaking further laws - and she went undetected for this long? What are those people in ICE doing anyway?

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    Re: Pro-illegal article with pathetic photo of sobbing illeg

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    You would think by now the media would be embarrassed to print these sob skit stories by reading the comments from folks like us

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    there is over 400 comments at source link


    Illegal immigration flow may be reversing

    By Lee Davidson

    The Salt Lake Tribune
    Published Dec 29, 2010 04:55PM
    Updated Dec 29, 2010 05:17PM


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    Honesty is the best policy, yet greed is universal and swifter on its feet!

    Get rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS and prosecute the politicians that have supported them! And anyone else that has aided and abetted.

    When the emotional pleas are removed this is not rocket science. Those that have supported this ILLEGAL invasion should be tried for treason.

    The emotional reactions have aided the ILLEGAL activity and made excuses for society not to be HONEST!

    A simple example of honesty,

    When I was a youngster I learned that if you did not keep the stalls clean the manure piled up! And I have never studied rocket science, nor statistics, nor critical analysis,....yet I did understand full well the methods of how physical matter could accumulate!

    Lesson learned,

    The lack of an honest effort ends up stinkin'!

    BYE! BYE! ILLEGALS. Take your emotionally hidden deceit and go back home. Feel free to grab any of the emotionally deceitful idiots that aided and abetted with you.

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    It is "Now or Never" imo to take our country back. The recession and Repub gains in Congress has formed our last chance to save our country.

    We must work very hard to regain respect for our immigration laws so this invasion will cease and not start again when/if our economy improves.

    I am feeling very positive we can return to some sense of sanity and respect for our immigration laws in the next few year.
    "A Government big enough to give you everything you want,is strong enough to take everything you have"* Thomas Jefferson

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