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    The Pussification of White America—how complete the process?

    The Pussification of White America—how complete the process?

    The absolute irrelevancy of the Republican Party—Observe!

    Nationally elected Republican legislators, both Houses, and Fox News bloviators, on cue began calling for comprehensive immigration reform, a mask for amnesty for the 25-35 million illegal aliens (not the 11 million that the government lies about) nesting in our formerly preeminent republic.

    The results of the flowering Republican defection will prove to be very interesting.

    Will Republicans receive a net gain or net loss from the defection, e.g. will their trade-out for 3rd World amnesty replace their net loss of patriotic American citizens?
    Joe McCutchen
    November 12, 2012

    On October 1, 2012 I communicated via email and the website titled “The Real State of Affairs” that on Nov. 7, 2012 regardless of which of the two presidential candidates was elected…the Republican Party would immediately become irrelevant.

    Nov. 7, 2012 the prophecy became fact due to any number of circumstances.

    Before the facts are enumerated regarding the now irrelevant Republican Party, bankrupt ethically, morally, constitutionally, and perhaps more importantly devoid of a rational philosophical base.

    Note: Nationally elected Republican legislators, both Houses, and Fox News bloviators, on cue began calling for comprehensive immigration reform, a mask for amnesty for the 25-35 million illegal aliens (not the 11 million that the government lies about) nesting in our formerly preeminent republic. Republicans like referring to their “Values” but I have yet been illuminated as to what those “Values” allegedly were. I use the past tense because of their traitorous conduct consummated on Nov.7, 2012. Both Parties are overflowing with criminal behavior, but give the Democrat Party one negative credit—they tell you in your face that their grand plan is taking by force citizen’s property and redistributing to deadbeats and 3rd World interlopers for vote buying purposes. The act of true Cultural Marxists. The Republicans are THE GRAND PRETENDERS spewing verbiage pertaining to Conservatism, small government, etc.

    The clarion call for the Republican surrender was issued Thursday evening Nov. 15 by Fox News analyst Sean Hannity stating he had been wrong in his insistence that border security must be a first and deportation following. Continuing, Republicans must immediately change their course and campaign for government to do much more for Blacks, Hispanics, women, and other minorities.

    Answering that clarion call immediately were other neo-cons, President of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist and California Congressman Duncan Hunter. On that evening, Republican spokesmen gave up any pretense of being conservative & using the Constitution as their guiding document. All in the name of vote-getting. One can conclude that Democrats & now Republicans are stating with an exclamation mark that Blacks, Hispanics, women & other minorities do not have the mental capabilities and/or the physical energy of intellectually & independently promoting their causes without government assistance (i.e. the seizing of other people’s property) and direction.

    If the Democrat & Republican leadership believes the above mentioned cannot fend for themselves, why don’t they admit it and develop a rational policy to deal with the circumstance? Or are they gaming the system for a quid pro quo, i.e. vote buying? Welfare always destroys all able recipients, no matter who they are. Note the intensity with which Blacks defend set-asides, affirmative action, quotas, ad infinitum. Who pays? Middleclass America of course.

    Why now? When a word was not spoken about our immigration crisis in the presidential debates?

    Fox News Sunday Nov. 18, 2012; the political parade continues. Former Governor, Preacher Mike Huckabee, displaying his best piety in a conversation with neocon Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, opined that Americans should not punish the children of illegals by deporting. The parents knew full well that breaking into our country was illegal and there should be consequences.

    Huckabee has long been an advocate of the illegal Mexican invasion. Along with other unconstitutional aiding & abetting illegal aliens, he surreptitiously cut a deal with former Mexican President Vicente Fox to place a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, AR and was in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section X. The purpose of the consulate was to warehouse illegals & disseminate them to the various poultry processing plants & construction businesses.( )

    Never a word from the Bush justice department. Another case of selective law enforcement.

    Later in the day neocon Lindsay Graham & Zionist Israel-firster, Senator Chuck Schumer appeared together on a show, both vigorously stating we need COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM. Schumer in a strong voice said Americans want illegal immigration stopped but they favor continuing legal immigration.

    Why now Senators?

    12 days after the election and the Democrats & Republicans have an immigration plan that they have refused to discuss for the past 50 years. To Graham & Schumer and all the rest of the slugs, middle-class Americans demand a 5 year moratorium on ALL legal immigration & an immediate sealing of our borders & deportation.

    The overlying reason the Republican Party is dead, except pockets of white conservatism throughout the South, soon to be a non-factor, both the Democrat & Republican Parties have refused to uphold the rule of law, particularly the aspect that defines our sovereignty. The very specific law defining sovereignty is 8 USC, Sec. 1325—illegal entry; Sec. 1324a—hiring, harboring, transporting any illegal alien; Sec. 1324c—law officers have authority to make arrests; Title 19, USC 1459—reporting requirements.

    Nothing has been done, nor will anything be done to secure our national borders—hence our sovereignty. This is simply selective law enforcement enforced by the strong arms of all government entities.

    The Republicans on Nov. 7 reacted as if they were a collection of 10 year old brats who had been denied a favor.

    Now in the aftermath of a pathetic cowardly presidential campaign by Republicans is the new battle-cry!

    We must embrace comprehensive immigration reform, i.e. AMNESTY. Absolutely no regard for the constitution, rule of law, ethics, morality, it’s all about votes, money and power. Republicans are so blinded they are oblivious to the new political path they have chosen (same as the Democrats) is the direct route to the Marxist takeover. Both parties sing the praises of creating an even more “diversified” U.S. 3rd World dumping ground which is undergoing fruition at an alarming rate.

    Both Parties, aware there are 30 million American citizens without jobs and irrationally advocating more 3rd World immigration, legal & illegal. With minimal border security and both parties advocating amnesty will only serve as a stimulus for millions upon millions to enter our nation legally & illegally.

    Are Republicans so foolish they do not comprehend that with 4 more years of a Democrat president who issues Executive Orders by the numbers, will in fact effectively force whites into the realm of minority status…never to return…and again, it is our White government who is responsible for White middle-class genocide. Government elites understand that the destruction of White middle-class America is their last obstacle in achieving a global government.

    Their actions can only be described as despicable, if not psychopathic. Democrats & Republicans mantra for amnesty will be flowing crocodile tears stating illegals have been here for years and are good people and in some cases they are even called citizens, e.g. Federal Prosecutor Jane Duke of the Little Rock office. Illegals knew they were wrong when they came here and it’s time for them to face the music, (i.e. the rule of law), deportation and companies hiring them punished.

    Do the Republican traitors believe that the illegal Mexican invasions coupled with other Hispanics are going to move from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party? The illegals understand very clearly that the thieving Democrat Party is their source of billions of unearned largesse through entitlements of unknown enormous quantities. Republicans will never out-Democrat the Democrats.

    November 10, 2012 Anchor baby & U.S. Senator Marco Rubio proclaimed that Republicans must do “much more” for Hispanics. Translation: “much more” = more theft of white middle-class earnings. In my judgment Rubio is not a bonafide American citizen. His Cuban parents came here as illegals and Rubio was not naturalized until 4 yrs after his parents’ arrival. I personally do not take kindly to a foreign national dictating the tenor of business in our nation. In the same thought—think OBAMA.

    It is White elected & appointed officials who are performing genocide on the white middle-class who are the bedrock of our Western civilization. Does any one of you believe the 3rd World nationals invading our shores are coming here to embrace our heritage, our culture, our Constitution and the ideals it gives rise to? Observe.

    Our former republic, due to self-serving, White elected legislators & officials is wallowing in a multicultural cesspool and calling for more of the same.

    Let me again remind you regarding our traitorous politicians, that’s virtually all of them, what they like to hark is demonstrating an affinity for 3rd World illegal aliens…”we are a nation of immigrants”. No we are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation with immigrants & here is why.

    Absent a founding group or majority it would be no nation at all, but a random gathering of people of assorted races, religions, & nationalities, united only by their presence in the same land. With no native culture to provide national unity, the population would tend to fragment on racial & ethnic lines, insuring division and strife as groups pursue their interests at each others’ expense.” (compliments of Howard Sutherland, Nov. 18, 2002)

    Is this not what the United States has devolved into? What a tragic shame.

    It should be further noted that Zionist interests precipitated their attack on America in the 1920’s through massive 3rd World legal and illegal immigration policies and now on the precipice of destroying White middle-class America on their way to World Government. Their victory is near. All through the auspices of the White federal government. The Zionists’ have absolute control of the legislative & judicial branches of the federal government, as well as most important influential national institutions.

    The national Republican Party is a vile and slimy collection who embrace neo-conservatism…”eternal war for eternal peace”. Murder is their game, accompanied by the theft of citizen freedoms. I direct your attention to what has been done in the name of the phony “wars on terrorism”.

    1. Passage of the Patriot Acts, not once but twice…negates the 4th & 10th Amendments.

    2. Military Commissions Act.

    3. The removal of Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus.

    4. The most heinous act in world history was the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act which gives the president to authority to assassinate American citizens at home or abroad; provides for no legal counsel, may secretly imprison American citizens at home or abroad with undetermined times. All this with 60,000 drones overflying the U.S. and other areas around the globe. The government’s new assassination weapon of choice.

    5. Recall, that Bill Clinton without congressional authority destroyed Serbia; Geo. W. Bush destroyed Iraq & Afghanistan without congressional authority; President Hussein Obama unilaterally attacked Libya stating the war would last days, not weeks, we are coming upon a year’s involvement in Libya compliments of Obama; couple that with gun-running, the lying A.G. Eric Holder, and Benghazi and all 3 traitors were reelected. Candidate Romney, in typical Republican cowardice never mentioned the many criminal, unconstitutional acts of President Obama.

    6. Refusal by the entire federal government to enforce U.S. immigration laws

    Hopefully, our legislative branches will shore up their law-making backbone and restore Constitutional rule of law and sovereignty. Fat Chance! The racial divide deepens by the day and why wouldn’t it, the huge numbers of different cultures residing in the U.S. guarantees racial strife.

    The results of the flowering Republican defection will prove to be very interesting. Will Republicans receive a net gain or net loss from the defection, e.g. will their trade-out for 3rd World amnesty replace their net loss of patriotic American citizens?

    The land of the free, you say? What patriotic American would shoulder the banner of the Republican Party today?

    Joe McCutchen

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    The definition of the word Pussification
    Barbara McCutchen
    November 14, 2012

    On Monday Nov. 12 I transmitted an article entitled the Pussification of White America—how complete the process? The article can be seen on

    Immediately a flurry of emails asking what the word pussification meant.

    Barbara McCutchen coined the word some two years ago and the word absolutely describes the state of our republic.

    For the many emails we received with an inquiring mind here is Barbara’s definition of pussification.

    Joe McCutchen

    Pussification; a result of Political Correctness; the deliberate neutering of individuals, especially men, for purposes of control; a product of Critical Theory (conceived in 1920’s in Germany by Jews & Italian Antonio Gramsci, brought to U.S. in 1930’s) which advocates constant smearing, demeaning, and criticism of anything perceived as the enemy of Collectivism; an essential tool in the Marxist “March through the Institutions”, i.e. becoming the guiding force in all influential institutions.

    Examples include “feminism; sexism; ageism; racism; diversity, including unbridled 3rd World immigration legal & illegal ; discrimination; homophobic; anti-Semitism; truther; birther; mean-spirited; rugged individual portrayed as cruel/heartless; patriot militia painted terrorists; etc., etc.

    ~Barbara McCutchen

    Arkansas Freedom
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