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    Questions for Rubio

    I just ordered a pack of 50 assorted bright colored envelopes from Staples.

    317 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington DC, 20510
    Phone: 202-224-3041

    Senator Rubio's voicemail is full.
    his email form: Contact - U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

    It looks like Rubio is the only guy in the US that can say no dice on illegal immigration amnesty. However, last night and the day before I saw on FOX that Obama and Rubio's plan are the same plan. They both give amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens immediately. So maybe there is hope we might have a say.

    Here are my questions for Rubio:

    1 Will there be any documentation verification before each person receives amnesty?

    2 Will illegal aliens who used welfare, food stamps etc or fraudulent tax refunds using SSNs not belonging to them be rewarded with citizenship?

    3 Will they be allowed to vote?

    4 Will they be allowed to fly?

    5 Since there will really never ever be another amnesty program ever this time, are you going to change immigration law to REQUIRE deporting of all illegal aliens henceforth; from illegal aliens are deportABLE ? part 2 What are you going to do with all the illegal alien children that are crossing our border tonight through no fault of their own?

    6 Does securing the border include enforcing the visa exit program that is non existent at the moment?

    7 Are you going to deny welfare, food stamps etc to all children under the age of 18?

    ps Rubio was 26 when he remembers hearing his 70 year old father's keys in the door coming home late at night from work. Rubio is not to be trusted on illegal immigration. I suppose the Hispanics know he has been for amnesty the whole time so they can trust him while he lies to us.

    if anyone has more questions for the freshman Senator who would not attend a tea party, please post them. thanks

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    What is the "true number" that will be given the green light, 20 million, do we add friends and family perhaps another 20 million.?

    How is this good for America.? Please don't say it helps the economy we know it does not.

    What happens to the next 10-20 million that cross do we simply throw up our hands and surrender our country.?

    How does it feel being a puppet for the RINO's, John McCain especially.? Well guess it does not matter as long as we have another historic moment.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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