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    A Racial Divide or a Calculated Coalition?

    A Racial Divide or a Calculated Coalition?

    Posted by Max Tollens Jr on November 8, 2012 at 9:21am

    The results of exit polling reveal something quite startling-that Hispanics and Asians have joined blacks in a coalition that is voting against the Republican Party. The disparity between votes for Obama and Romney among these groups should be alarming to you and me.

    As an American of Hispanic heritage, the Democrats hold no charm for me. Their values go against everything I've been taught. Hispanics have strong family values, strong work ethic, and deeply held religious beliefs. Their history includes hate groups like the KKK, Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam.

    The Democrats are strong advocates of abortion, which we Catholics abhor. There is no greater civil rights issue at risk than the right to life. It clearly violates a higher moral law and the toll that it takes on a human being's soul is incalculable. Clearly we can use education and preventative measures, including abstinence and birth control, to reduce the daily carnage as practiced in abortion mills across the country. But Democrats have no interest in reducing access to abortion-on-demand.

    The Democrats have no interest in protecting religious freedoms. They expect Catholic non-profit institutions to violate their beliefs by performing abortions or paying for contraception. The Democrats removed God from their party's platform and only attempted to re-install Him after a mild outcry. Even so, delegates booed the reintroduction of God and Jerusalem three times.

    Democrats claim to be the party of tolerance, civility, and respect. They counter that Republicans are mean-spirited, racist, homophobic Whites that have no interest in minority outreach. They claim that Republicans want women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

    So when Republicans run black candidates, what do the so-called "tolerant" Democrats do? They vilify them, they call them names, and they issue death threats against them. They're called "House n****rs" or "Uncle Toms". They're called traitors to their race. They don't discuss issues because they'll lose. This bias also applies to GOP women, often called every vile name in the book from "whore", "slut", and other words too vile to mention here.

    What is the goal? To intimidate conservative minorities who dare to escape the Democrat plantation. To put conservative minorities in their place for daring to get "uppity" without their permission. To promote the false notion that Republicans are a "white" party and aren't inclusive. To promote the notion that minorities and women aren't welcome in the GOP, and that Republicans only run "token" candidates in order to appear tolerant. The end result is that the Democrats use women and minorities to build a coalition that ensures they stay in power.

    So what must we do as conservatives? We must continue to reach out to the minority communities with our black, Hispanic, and Asian members because they’ll best have the “street cred”. We must strongly call out the Democrats when they use vile language against Republican candidates. We must call out the members of the corrupt media when they use offensive language as well. We cannot back down from this challenge because allowing Democrats to frame this argument will result in losing more national elections and a continued increase in lost freedoms.

    In speeches to various Tea Party groups I’ve jokingly said, "I absolve you of your 'White Guilt'" because Democrats continue to use the politics of race against them. I have never experienced racism from anyone at a Tea Party rally or meeting. I have seen and met Tea Party Americans of all colors, and we see each other as patriotic Americans first. I implore conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party members of color to make a strong push for visibility in your communities. Let’s show the minority communities that there is an alternative to dependence upon government or a political party. If we can’t come together as one America, our Republic is going to come apart.

    A Racial Divide or a Calculated Coalition? - Patriot Action Network
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    During his first campaign, 'Bama was pretty clear about being willing to throw the poorest Americans under the bus. He's kept his word That also should be part of the message to black Americans. Their in love with 'Bama now, but if we can be patient and persistent, they may be willing to acknowledge that they have once again been pushed to the back of the line - this time by a black man whom they trusted.

    This message is one that all Patriots can believe in, whether they are conservatives or liberals or a mixture of both.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

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