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    Racism accusations are untrue, and distract immigration deba

    Racism accusations are untrue, and distract immigration debate
    10/3/2007 8:19:58 AM
    By Ron Branstner

    Since the Civil Rights Movement, liberals have been altering the First Amendment to satisfy that narcissistic politically correctness, which has no validity on the First Amendment. In fact it puts our citizens in harms way.

    The media is a fine example of suppression, altering even avoidance of the truth. It has stifled the First Amendment in the way we fight wars, at home and abroad.

    Example: Since 9/11, 3,800 soldiers have died in Iraq, compared to an estimated 45,000 Americans killed by illegal aliens, according to U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

    Politically correct or not, is this not newsworthy? Where are the articles concerning the impact illegal aliens are having on society? Where are the reports of assaults by criminal aliens to the people of the United States? Where are the articles of the financial impact of this invasion?

    I am a proud member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp., a border watch group, affiliated with Minnesota Seeking Immigration Reform, also MCFIR.

    Life on the border can be dangerous. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. has sighted an estimated 30,000 illegals from 26 different countries and close to 400 rescues. Protecting our borders is vital. The elements can be harsh. Temperatures in the desert border area can reach the 100s during the day, and drop below freezing at night. Yet, volunteers come from every state to assist.

    Background checks and orientation are mandatory. Rules must be followed or you are asked to leave. Not one infraction has occurred since we were formed. We observe and report to the border patrol.

    The media slants the truth of these patriots, labeling them as vigilantes. Imagine your grandfather reporting illegal activity in his front yard and then he's portrayed by the media as a vigilante. It's true.

    Recently, I had the honor of being a guest speaker at the Austin Senior Center. The topic of discussion was Illegal Immigration is a federal law, 287 (g), which gives police departments authority to detain and investigate illegals. So far, all mayors and chiefs of police in Minnesota refuse to use that authority, which is partnered with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Minnesota ranks number six for sexual predators identified through program Operation Predator, a federal program developed by the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. According to ICE, to date approximately 10,061 predators have been arrested through this program, and 85 percent were foreign nationals. So, how safe is your neighborhood? You do not know, because your mayor and chief of police have not been implementing 287 (g). Are you in danger? Yes.

    The meeting went well, with one exception. An individual, (director of the Welcome Center in Austin) created a stir amongst the listeners. Her antics to upstage a positive message turned the media's focus from the rule of law to political correctness.

    When my speech started, I made it perfectly clear that illegal aliens are of no particular race. Illegal is just that -- illegal.

    This is not an issue of race -- it is an issue of law. Yet, a Post-Bulletin reporter focused not on the success of our group, but on a five-minute ambush, in turn, causing P-B readers to incite race into this issue.

    Case in point: A letter to the editor written by Carol Anthonisen, who did not attend the meeting, but proclaims to know much, titled: "Racial hatred rears its ugly head in Austin." Neither racism, nor hatred were present in my presentation. However, opinions and comments did stem from her attempts to disrupt repeatedly.

    The U.S. Constitution is how I base my conclusions. Not one proponent siding with illegals, including politicians, can beat the constitution, yet political correctness seems to rear its non-informed head and finds its way to a letter writer who interprets without experience. One that incites race and only knows what she reads.

    If she is so informed, and spent countless hours like myself, on this issue, I wholeheartedly ask her to start supporting these illegals and sponsor them. Pay their schooling and health care costs. According to the mayor of Austin there are 7,000 in his city to choose from.
    Ron Branstner of California is a former Minnesota resident and member of Minuteman Civil Defense Corp., a border watch group. It is affiliated with Minnesota Seeking Immigration Reform.
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    Where are the articles concerning the impact illegal aliens are having on society? Where are the reports of assaults by criminal aliens to the people of the United States? Where are the articles of the financial impact of this invasion?
    No doubt, where is the media when it comes to number of dead Americans at the hands of masses of invading thugs and DUI killers? Given how much the lame stream media is totally mesmerized with covering idiot celebrities like Britney, Paris and the dipwad Lindsay Lohan, maybe the only they would get serious and cover the issue of the numbers of Americans getting killed by illegals is if some celebrity were to get killed. Obviously they could care less when an average American or even a police officer is killed, maybe a celebrity death might force them to cover the issue.

    Even with the Newark multiple execution case of those students, it seemed to me as soon as the perps were found out to be illegals, they suddenly dropped all their coverage. First it was wall-to-wall coverage on how terrible a tragedy it was, then as soon as the killer turned out to be an illegal they all ran like hell from the story. Except for Whorealdo Revolta of course, who claimed the exact opposite, that the media didn't touch the story until they found out that scumbag was an illegal. But then again, Whorealdo is a moronic, illegal alien loving traitor to America, more concerned with protecting illegals' rights, than protecting the lives of innocent Americans.
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    It's true. The media runs like rabbits when they find out an illegal alien has committed a crime. Let's help the government protect their sorry butts, is their attitudes. I, for one am tired of the media covering up America's right to know.
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