Reagan Bible Arrives in D.C. For Pence Swearing-In

A. Desimone January 20, 2017

Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, a long-time admirer of the late President Ronald Reagan, will be the first person to use Reagan’s family Bible, since the swearing in of Ronald Reagan himself back in 1985.

Pence first saw the Bible at the Reagan Center last fall, which has been kept at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute in Simi Valley, California, and took a special interest in it.
The most important relic of the Reagan family, the 100-year-old Bible of Ronald Reagan’s mother, has arrived in Washington and will be kept under top security in a Senate safe until Mike Pence uses it today at the inauguration.

The Bible will be opened to the same page and the same verse; II Chronicles 7:14, as when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.

John Heubusch, executive director of the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Institute said, “It’s really well worn and we’re taking care of it. The King James version Bible is filled with notes from Reagan and his mother, has a very special place in the Reagan museum”.

Stored behind bullet proof glass, Heubusch said, “It is the first artifact that you see in the Reagan museum.”
Heubusch said this about Vice President-elect Mike Pence, “He’s all the things people make him out to be. He’s an eloquent conservative whose head and mind are in the right place.” He added that he was “surprised and very excited” when the Pence team called to ask to use the Bible.
“Our mission is to ensure that we protect as well as promote President Reagan’s legacy,” said Heubusch.

Reagan biographer Craig Shirley wrote on that “Reagan conservatism and the Reagan presidency is not a past event, left in dusty history books. It is still as relevant and as powerful as ever.”
Shirley said, “Swearing on the Bible that the Gipper himself had used not only tells us he is the personal hero of Mike Pence, but the ideological hero of conservatism and republicanism in the GOP: one of individual liberty, freedom, and self-determination, all from the hand of God. The conservative party in the United States is going through a sort of identity crisis today, electing the first non-political president in American history. Pence is showing America that this crisis in the Republican Party is not a crisis at all. It’s still Reagan’s party, no matter who is in charge.”
H/T: Washington Examiner