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    What does management have to say about the "complaints."

    Does management have the (guts) to tell them that they
    do not dictate how we run our business or are they a bunch
    of spineless wimps?
    Management made the decisions to start a Latin Diviison in Mexico as a result of the request/complaint.

    Once again, it is not so much what Mexico did, as much as what the U.S. won't do.

    By the by, they also tried to pressure me into going to India to train them in technology. My reply was the only way I go to India is if I am bailing out of a a plane with a bayonet in one hand and a machine gun in the other.

    I am sick of this.

    Sorry for venting guys, but I have so much inside info on this and it just sickens me.


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    Sorry for venting guys, but I have so much inside info on this and it just sickens me.
    This is the place to vent. Your company is a prime example of the pandering to the Latino "community."

    Don't pop a blood vessel .. rant away. We need to hear this. How many more companies will buckle to such arrogant demands?
    "This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position." .... Ronald Reagan

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    From what I understand Mexico is not the only one of our North American neighbors who demand such treatment. Our neighbor to the north has many such restrictions on who can work there, who can immigrate there.

    Protectionism has turned into a bad word in the United States. On the one hand the free traders (ie Republicans ) don't want protectionism because it only benefits uninational companies not multinational companies. On the other hand the guilty for everything group (ie Democrats ) belive it is our moral duty to compensate those we have "harmed" whether it be descendents of those we killed (indians) those we enslaved (blacks) or those we use (3rd world).

    *disclaimer - use of political factions is for example only, not to paint all members of each faction as radicals.

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