The Reasons Hillary Clinton Looked As Good As She Did During Debate

October 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton looked pretty good the night of the first presidential debate, all things considered. What was her secret, you might be asking. The secret seems to have been a combination of things.

Dr. Ted Noel has reviewed the videos from the presidential debate and has discovered more indications that Clinton is seriously ill, sharing with us both what he has been able to discover and what he has determined were efforts to minimize their appearance to the casual observer.

He starts by noting that twice in the days prior to the debate Clinton unexpectedly canceled events as well as the three day period just before when she was unseen. He theorizes that this could have been done to allow Clinton to take a break from her medication, a “drug holiday.” It’s a tactic that would result in her medication regaining some lost effectiveness and being able to hide her symptoms for the required ninety minutes afterwards.

He also notes her gait on entry to the debates seems unnatural, that the steps are elongated and there is a significant shoulder roll and exaggerated arm swing associated with them. He likens it to walking to a metronome, a learned method of disguising the onset of a shuffling type of walk for Parkinson’s patients.

He explains the pill-rolling tremor and provides evidence of hand positions used by Mrs. Clinton to disguise their manifestations, one with involves clasping the hands together and one where the hand is laid out flat.

Each has its telltale giveaway. With the hand clasp one thumb forces the other upwards in a series of movements. The method which lays the hand out flat does not eliminate the four finger movement of the pill-roll, and is clearly evident in the video of Clinton.

He also points out the now-familiar Parkinson’s disease hand posture was visible as were here eyes crossing, though not to an extent that would cause those in the audience to be aware of it or force the commentators to address it.

He also notes how she was oddly escorted out to the vehicles by flashlight. It’s odd that there is no outdoor lighting but the darkness does provide cover for any involuntary movements. Noel points out that the flashlights were not made available by the Secret Service for Mr. Trump.

The evidence continues to pile up and to be ignored by the media. She’s sick, she’s unfit for office in a multitude of ways and we need to see some medical documentation.
We can ask all we want, no health-related information will be forthcoming as long as Clinton is able to do what she does best, cover up and lie.