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    Recipe for a National Disaster?

    Here's a good but frightening read:

    "Taco Bell, Biodefense, and Illegal Immigration: You Connect the Dots" ... legal.html

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    I went into Taco Bell last Wednesday and turned right around and left. The counter where they prepare the food was filthy as were the employee's uniforms. It's also one of those fast food restaurants that doesn't use those sanitary gloves. I tried to complain but the woman behind the counter didn't speak english very well. So I just left.

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    I once went to one where the entire crew sounded like they'd just gotten here. They got my order wrong, and the food was already in Spanish. Then I read somewhere that some come here from so far out in the Mexican boondocks that their Spanish is not very good.
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    The only thing worse than Taco Bell in the US, is probably the Taco Bell in Mexico. Has anyone seen the one in Tijuana? (I was there a long time ago, so it might be gone by now, and I don't think it is part of the Taco Bell that we know.) I haven't eaten there, but I did try something in Tijuana that was supposed to be "beef". I took one bite and couldn't swallow it. It was low grade something...

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