Democrats’s Shutdown Is Refusal To Face The American People

By: Dana Loesch (Diary) | October 3rd, 2013 at 11:51 AM | 49

We’ve heard stories of Democrats attempting to “shutdown” privately owned historical sites like Mount Vernon and many other privately funded and run parks. They want the shutdown for use as a weapon, to “hurt and rescue” the American people. Case in point: Canyon Voyages Adventure Company.
Don Oblak’s Moab, Utah-based Canyon Voyages Adventure Co. depends on the Colorado River, which winds through breathtaking ravines in the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
But national parks will have to remain closed during any government shutdown. The Bureau of Land Management has told Oblak that he would not have access to rivers on its lands.
That means he’d have to cancel kayak and whitewater trips on the river, his core business.
Oblak fears that if the government shuts down even for a short time, it will affect his business for the entire month of October because his clients will cancel their trips. If that happens, he’d have to furlough all 25 employees at Canyon Voyages and cancel pre-sold tours. Combined with lost sales from his retail store, a lengthy shutdown could lead to an estimated $200,000 loss.
Apparently all of the water has been shut off in rivers that wind through public land. Despite no “maintenance” needed for this company to take tours down the river, it’s still “shutdown.”
Democrats want the shut down to be as visible and painful-looking as possible so as to convince the public that they need massive government. Barricades have been placed in tour bus turn-arounds; direct orders were given to block WWII veterans from seeing the memorial built to them, mostly by them.
Odd, they don’t react this way on federal holidays when government is truly shut down. Democrats could have stopped the appearance of pain by passing the Republican compromise sent to the Senate. Instead, they rejected it. Obama said he would veto it. Republicans suggested passing piecemeal spending bills for veterans, NIH; Democrats rejected the suggestion. Obama said he would veto these spending bills. Democrats refuse to pass a clean CR. They won’t pass Obamacare funding as a stand alone, which is what they should do, because doing so means they would face the unpopularity of Obamacare. The majority of Americans have never been anything but opposed to this act. It passed with not a single Republican vote as a Senate bill masquerading behind a House bill name so as not to get blue-slipped. Unconstitutional, yes. Sneaky, only if you weren’t paying attention. Democrats can’t risk the <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym> nightmare of navigating it through congress as a separate bill, so they hitch it to military pay and other essential things so they can claim Republicans hate paying the military because they oppose Obamacare funding. Imagine: Republicans, who not one voted for Obamacare, who also oppose its funding. Elections do have consequences. One of those is that Democrats lost the House and the power of the purse.
Meanwhile to cover their tactics, Democrats increase the pain on people like the aforementioned river tour company. Even previous presidents Clinton and Carter once in awhile emerged from their echo chambers to negotiate. Obama won’t because to do so is to face the American people.

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