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Thread: Refugee Resettlement Contractor wants Rep. Ilhan Omar to Tone it Down

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    Refugee Resettlement Contractor wants Rep. Ilhan Omar to Tone it Down

    Refugee Resettlement Contractor wants Rep. Ilhan Omar to Tone it Down

    February 20, 2019 ~ Ann Corcoran

    Editor: Itís a snow day here in the East so hopefully I will have more time to check e-mails and post your comments. Sorry that sometimes Iím AWOL!

    Yesterday I told you that we should want to keep Minnesota Somali Representative Ilhan Omar talking. Consider her Minnesotaís gift to America!

    Iím guessing her cocooned life in Minneapolis, surrounded by thousands of her own ethnic group, didnít prepare her for a national stage and so she doesnít have her mentorís (Keith Ellison) slickness.

    Hmmmm! ďUnapologetic leadersĒ

    the savvy hard Left political organizations that do understand that she might be putting her foot in it, want to school her and tone her down.

    One of those savvy political organizations is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) headed by CEO Mark Hetfield. See one postof a very large archive at RRW about HIAS.

    Over the many years Iíve followed their activities, contrary to what you might assume, HIAS has demonstrated no great love for the state of Israel.

    Iím guessing that they are saying, Ďdamn we are bringing in Muslim refugees, Omarís friends and family, and then we get dumped on by Omar!í

    (Iíve seen it mentioned in a recent news report about HIAS that some of their supporters are questioning why HIAS resettles Muslims in the first place!).

    The story (about a CONFIDENTIAL phone call!) is widely reported.

    Here it is at The Times of Israel,

    (emphasis is mine)

    Ilhan Omar apologizes to Jewish groups for hurt caused by AIPAC tweet

    In a brief confidential conference call with Jewish organizations, Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized for any hurt caused by her tweets suggesting that AIPAC pays politicians to support Israel.

    ďLet me reiterate my sincere apology for any actual hurt my words have caused,Ē Omar, a freshman Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota, said on Tuesday afternoon, according to someone present on the call.

    ďI know there are a lot of people who in the last weeks have expressed support in trying to say this isnít anti-Semitic or this shouldnít be looked at in that way,Ē she added.

    Mark Hetfield at an anti-Trump rally in early 2017. Then Rep. Keith Ellison headlined the rally for a group that is 50% or so federally funded!
    But Omar said it is up to the Jewish community to define anti-Semitism.

    ďI do not want to give space or energy to anyone who wants to minimize the hurt,Ē she said.

    Omar came under fire last week for posting successive tweets suggesting that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobby, pays politicians to be pro-Israel. Democratic and Republican leaders condemned the tweets as echoing anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews, money and power. The allegation is also false, as AIPAC does not donate to candidates or endorse them.

    Omar subsequently apologized for the tweets.

    The call Tuesday included a range of centrist and liberal Jewish groups including the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Democratic Council of America, the refugee resettlement agency HIAS, Americans for Peace Now and Bend the Arc.

    Omar kept her remarks brief but promised to meet face to face with the groups in the near future.
    More here.
    Meanwhile Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told Omar not to apologize, see here.

    A prominent refugee espousing views that are deemed anti-Semitic is someone HIAS needs to shut the heck up!
    Keep talking Ilhan!
    Here is something you can do (and probably are doing!) especially you Minnesotans, find every word she has uttered in her meteoric rise to power there and publish those words (and actions)ó focus especially on those words that educate people about Islam. Do it in a drip, drip fashion in order to keep her in the news.
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    Shut these Contractors and Churches down!

    No more refugees, asylum, TPS or illegal aliens!

    We are full up and we are fed up with these ungrateful foreigners coming here mouthing off and TAKING from US taxpayers.

    They have no right to come here and our government has NO right to force us to pay for this out of OUR wallets.

    Where is the Class Action Lawsuit to stop our government FUNDING this invasion of our country with OUR money????

    Somebody step up and File the Lawsuit!

    Where in the Constitution does it say WE take in the entire world's poor, their problems, and we empty our wallets to fund this? NOWHERE!


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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

    Please support our fight against illegal immigration by joining ALIPAC's email alerts here

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