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    Reggie May nailed it!

    "They are joining together to ensure that they can continue to export their poverty to the U.S"

    The USA been top dog for, it seems, forever. Who doesn't like to see the top dog get whipped from time to time? However, until obama, and with the exception of Carter, the countries recognized the strength of America and showed it the proper respect.

    We are now a nation ruled by liberals and judges that legislate from the bench with even more liberalism than the politicians. The chink in the armor now exposes the heart of America and the jackals are coming in to join in what they think is the death blow.

    They may succeed, but I don't think so. I believe, and, yes, I pray that I am seeing the awakening of many Americans. I believe the harm that has been done this country by its own apathy has become evident. The voters have seen that their enthusiasm about showing the world that we are not biased, bigoted people but people of heart and sympathy has backfired and instead we are perceived as weak and yet, still evil.

    Everyone in the world wants what American citizens have. They want to come here and join in. Yet, they really want to come here and enjoy our benefits while refusing to change and assimilate. In essence, the near perfect model of America is not really for them, they just want the jobs and the freedom, but want to remain Mexican Latvian, Guatemalan or whatever the root nationality is.

    This cannot happen and have us remain America. Howard Zinn and like minded liberals have poisoned the minds of our children for some three decades or more now. They have convinced our children to hate the monster, the USA. They have painted us as the evil one and all others as victims. They are taught that slavery is a current day thing. They are convinced that the Trail of Tears is still happening. They are condemning the grandchildren for the sins of the ancestors. And in so doing, they are condemning themselves to the loss of the greatest republic that has ever existed.

    If you were to ask them if the son of a murderer should pay for his fathers murders, they would be aghast. yet they condemn the sons of the early settlers as guilty, and their children and their children's children.

    They do not see the sacrifices made by the common man in America in our wars. They do not see the faces of our young folk who died believing in what they were dying for as right and just. However they may judge, there is no doubt that millions of people live in freedom today because of the efforts of our, once young people, who today are our ancestors and our old veterans.

    They took this sentiment, this resentment of history as they were taught in our own schools and passed judgment on their forebears and determined to "make up for it"in current times. Alas, they cannot see that it is impossible to do. Those who may have been hurt by the efforts of our forebears are long gone to their rewards and all the caterwauling and learned anger can never be made up for, if indeed it ever should.

    And now, those in countries who do not enjoy our benefits, sit on the sidelines, encouraged by the weakness of the man in the White House, further encouraged by the Americans who self-flagellate over past deeds or misdeeds and see the opening. The chance to bring down the greatest republic ever. Following one of mankind's great sins of evening the playing field by bringing the other man down. What noble spirit! What nonsense!

    The Governor of Arizona has reared up and stood firm for the people of her state. She is doing what a Governor should do to uphold her oath to the citizens of Arizona.

    I am an old man. I have lived through WW 2, as a boy and all the conflicts since. I have served my country in Korea. I watched the beginning of the self hate as the sweethearts in Berkeley and other colleges spat on our heroes coming home from Vietnam. I was encouraged to see the response of most of our citizens to the efforts of our troops in follow on conflicts, but it pales with the inner enemy conflict we are fighting and losing.

    May God bless America. Rid us of those whose attitudes require the weakening and demeaning of America to help them with their self hate. And to those in other countries who have jumped on the band wagon against Arizona-you may think this is your chance to foist your inexperienced and untrained labor on our country, but I believe we are wakening and soon will slam the door in your socialistic faces.

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    misterbill: Thank you for your service to our glorious country. One of the things that appalls me about illegal immigration is that these people come with a sense of entitlement. They want everything an American has worked their entire life to have, and they want it free.
    "A Nation of sheep will beget a government of Wolves" -Edward R. Murrow

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