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    Rep. Eric Cantor, new program/YouCut

    This is a new program being launched today by Republicans, go to the link to vote on where you would like the government to make cuts in the budget...Cantor explains it in the video.

    This is a fast and easy way to get involved and put in your 2 cents. I signed up for their e-mail alerts so I can stay informed, and spread the word! We will also be able to track votes to see if our Representatives are listening to the will of the people.
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    I've posted some references about our own, local wasteful spending programs in the past. But maybe I should send some info along to Rep. Cantor,too.

    Here in Portland, OR the officials are crafting a regional transportation plan that could run into possibly 20-30 billion of unnecessary, federally funded projects. Much of it is centered on expansion of a regional light rail system. When this system started in the late 1970's the costs were fairly low, and it did provide an alternative to prolific, freeway construction. Now costs per mile have risen from the original 15 million per mile to approx. $200 million/mile. We figure for every ticket sold for two dollars federal taxpayers are contributing 15-20 dollars, when you figure in the construction costs. Of course young, punk hoodlums ride around on it,too, at subsidized monthly pass rates" or maybe just get on it for free.

    Additionally our liberal state legislature has passed a law that requires our six largest towns or urban areas to follow a similar course of action----to mitigate against "climate change" and also prepare for population growth. So if you want to see how government can force upon our country expensive, subsidized solutions that also encourage immigration, just come here and observe. I haven't even gotten into the multitude of local planning hassles and expenses that will result from this strategy, just the regional ones.

    Our activist groups, locally, has a transportation proposal that meets all of our current needs and does prepare for modest growth. And the cost is a small fraction of what they are proposing. So, yes, I could send Eric Cantor a scenario that could easily run into twenty billion wasted dollars, if they go ahead with their schemes..
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