Rep. McCaul schedules hearing on May 9 about Marathon bombings

Wed, 2013-05-01 02:08 PM
By: Jacob Goodwin

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) announced on May 1 that a hearing has been slated for May 9 to examine the Boston bombings and the implications for homeland security.

“Two weeks ago, our country was attacked by radical Islamist terrorists,” said McCaul, in a prepared statement. “Four lives were lost and hundreds of others were forever changed. As our nation recovers, it is imperative that we understand what happened, what signs may have been missed and what we can improve.

The Committee is currently examining the events leading up to the attack on our homeland, the genesis of this plot and the reaction by law enforcement. The May 9 hearing, entitled The Boston Bombings: A First Look, will provide an opportunity to hear from those who were on the front lines of the response effort and who were present through the attack and its aftermath, said a committee news release. The hearing will begin at 9 am.

“This will be the first in a series of hearings, as part of a broader investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings,” McCaul continued. “The investigation will look at how law enforcement addressed the area after the attack; how federal, state and local officials communicated with their counterparts at other agencies regarding the suspects before and following the event; and the challenges associated with securing our country since 9/11. Ultimately the investigation will assess how our efforts have evolved to meet the dynamic terrorist threat of foreign-inspired attacks on our soil, and what changes may be necessary to protect the homeland.”