REPORT: Afghan Evacuees Resettled on American Military Bases Now Roam Freely

Oct 3, 2021

Reuters has reported that 700 Afghan refugees have departed from American military bases, heading for who knows where. These people have not been processed, yet they are free to wander about the United States and set up shop wherever they want to. For all we know, these people could be members of the Taliban themselves.

Reuters explained the situation in full detail:

“Something unexpected is happening at U.S. military bases hosting Afghan evacuees: Many hundreds of them are simply leaving before receiving U.S. resettlement services, two sources familiar with the data told Reuters.

The number of “independent departures,” which top 700 and could be higher, has not been previously reported. But the phenomenon is raising alarms among immigration advocates concerned about the risks to Afghans who give up on what is now an open-ended, complex and completely voluntary resettlement process.

In the speed and chaos of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August following 20 years of war, many evacuees were brought into the United States under a temporary status of “humanitarian parole.” Once transferred to U.S. military bases, refugee resettlement groups and U.S. officials have been trying to connect people with services for a smooth transition to the United States.”

Our country is in such disarray that we cannot get a grip on the very people the Left and the military industrial complex claim to want to help. Worse, this problem is far worse than situational: there is a serious problem with our immigration system.

Reuters’ reporting continues:

Immigration experts say Afghans who leave the bases are not breaking U.S. laws and military officials have no legal authority to hold law-abiding Afghans against their will at any of the eight locations hosting 53,000 Afghans who fled the Taliban on U.S. evacuation flights.

The scale of the independent departures vary from base to base, according to the sources – more than 300 alone at Fort Bliss in Texas – a figure that is likely to alarm both advocates and critics of the massive U.S. resettlement operation.

Let’s get this straight. We screw up in Afghanistan, causing thousands of Afghans to beg for evacuation. So we help these people, presumably under the guise that once things are back in order in their home country, they will return there. But it couldn’t be so. Foreigners want every opportunity to abuse our patience and good will. Now they roam our country freely with no intention of going home.

This is not the same America the Founders had in mind. If the military doesn’t even have the will to keep these people where we can watch them, there’s no way we have the will to find them and bring them back. These people will stay here, and that will undoubtedly cause many problems down the road.