The Republicans Fold Once Again, Hard To Take The GOP Seriously

By Joseph R. Carducci on October 16, 2013
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Since this is generally regarded as a conservative based blog, you might be a little curious by the title to this article. Don’t get me wrong, I am still definitely fighting for the cause. However, I am angry today. I am angry because the GOP is about to fold once again. It seems that our party is never able to unite for long enough to force the Democrats into any kind of concessions.
This is the main reason why I think that Obama took such a hard line position as refusing to even negotiate. Of course, we all knew that was a bunch of bs and that eventually he would have to talk, which he did to an extent. However, Obama still knew that ultimately the Republicans would do what they always do…fold like a wet towel.
Earlier, this morning the House announced that it would vote on any Senate deal to re-open the federal government. The way it looks to be shaping up, this will fund the government until December 15th and also raise the debt ceiling until February. Of course, many Republicans in the House do not support such a deal. So, Boehner is going to push it through by calling on the support of House Democrats. Is this insane or what?
The Republicans are not only backing down, they are giving Obama and the Democrats everything they asked for. The only way this could possibly be any worse is if we also gave back the concession on making those sequestration cuts (or really just limits in the rate of spending increases). The bottom line to all this is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to take the GOP seriously.

Does the Republican party stand for anything? I am seriously asking the question. We all know what the Democrats stand for; things like big government and increasing spending on all types of social and welfare programs. The Republicans should be standing for things like smaller government and personal responsibility. Yet, here we are caving in again. Just like we have done so many times before. Our national debt continues to increase each year and we are now at the point where we need to authorize more and more debt in order to borrow extra money just to pay the interest on that debt!
What makes me even angrier is that I think this whole drama over the government shut down and the debt ceiling hike was staged. I think that once Obama took his hard line stance, the GOP leadership knew that they were already going to back down and give Obama basically everything he wanted. Obama has never made a political concession in his career, so he rightly figured why start now.
Nope, instead we have Boehner and his cronies in the House passing resolution after resolution that they know the Senate will not pass. This is simply for show. They want to be able to say that they did something and that they gave the Democrats every chance to do the ‘right’ thing. But in the end, they folded again. And next time, when we once again get close to reaching the debt limit, will the Democrats take the GOP seriously? Will anyone really take the GOP seriously? It seems like we have become the party of empty threats. Aside from Senator Ted Cruz and a few of the more conservative members, is there really anyone with any backbone left?
Rush Limbaugh made the comment the other day that it feels like we just lost a war to a communist country. I think this is an accurate representation of how true conservatives must be feeling today. I am just disappointed…but, unfortunately, I am not really surprised.
What do YOU think? Why does the GOP continuously cave? Will anything ever be done to make real progress on debt reduction…or will the weenies in Washington continue to kick the debt burden down the road (after all, the unborn cannot vote)? How would you solve these problems?