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    Research paper on illegal immigration in south africa 2000

    Today south africa has an unemployment rate of 50 % ... when this paper was written in 2000 that number stood at 34 % ... since that time illegal immigration has increased in south africa ..

    it makes for an interesting read ..


    let me elobrate a bit more on why the illegal immigration issues in south africa are imporant to our cause of fighting illegal immigration in the US ..
    First of all there are the similiarties between the two nations … south africa is a second world nation surrouded by third wold countries … our illegal immigrants flood in from the south , theirs from the north ..

    Unlike our country , their illegal immigrants are the same race as the government currently in power … ( which is good for illistrating that illegal immigration is not a racist issue )
    When this report was first written they had an estimate of 2 million illegals in their country on the low end … that number has now moved to 5 million a decade later ..
    South africa has one of the higest murder rates in the world … rage has become so common place against illegal immigrants , that flash mobs will form and look for immigrants to do harm to ..

    Etc etc so on and so forth , do you see where I’m going here ? ... olomon.htm

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    Long and worth the time to read . Thank you for posting.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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