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    Ron Paul Sweeps Northern Maine Caucuses

    Ron Paul Sweeps Northern Maine Caucuses

    Fort Fairfield Journal l February 3, 2008

    Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul scored a stunning upset win over all three of his opponents in the Aroostook County Presidential Preference Survey during the weekend caucuses just concluded. It also would appear that Dr. Paul's supporters won the lion's share of the delegate seats to the Maine Republican Convention in early May from the county.

    There were 3 undecided voters in Aroostook County with regard to the presidential preference. This vote is a non-binding survey merely intended to indicate Maine Republicans' preference for President. Delegates were also selected for many towns to the Republican State Convention.

    Aroostook County volunteer coordinator of the Ron Paul 2008 effort, and Vice-chairman of the county Republicans, Steve Martin of Amity, had this to say about the upset results. "I love Aroostook County people. They are the most independent-minded and deeply-considerate folks in Maine. It is clear that Dr. Paul's message of reduced government, lower taxes, personal liberties and non-interference in the internal matters of other nations struck a cord here in Aroostook County. Dr. Paul's opposition to a Northern Maine National Park coupled with his deep respect for private property and gun rights also played a part in sweeping all three caucus locations."

    The county Republicans will be meeting again for their regular monthly meetings at the Presque Isle Inn & Convention Center on Saturday morning, February 16th at 9:00 AM.

    With all Aroostook towns reporting, the results were as follows for Aroostook's 3 caucus locations:

    Fort Kent:
    Ron Paul 3
    Mitt Romney 2
    Mike Huckabee 2
    John McCain 1

    Ron Paul 16
    Mitt Romney 11
    Mike Huckabee 8
    John McCain 4

    Presque Isle:
    Ron Paul 29
    Mitt Romney 27
    John McCain 17
    Mike Huckabee 16

    Aroostook County totals with percentages:

    Ron Paul: 48 votes 34.5%
    Mitt Romney 40 votes 28.8%
    Mike Huckabee 26 votes 18.7%
    John McCain 22 votes 15.8%
    Undecided 3 votes 2.1% ... onpaul.htm

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    Mod Edit - Bashing a Candidate we support

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    [quote="CitizenJustice"]MOD EDIT quote]


    RP winning in a single small County that has 200 voters. He has lost big in the State When it comes to the real deal, He's in a race for last. Time to face the facts.

    Updated 9:34 p.m. EST, Feb 2, 2008
    All County Results
    Romney 2,362 52% 0 68%

    McCain 958 21% 0
    Paul 851 19% 0
    Huckabee 268 6% 0 ... /state/#ME

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    was Georgia - now Arizona
    No comment...

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    Paul is entitled to the votes he receives. I'm happy that there are voters in Maine that understand we have a problem in this country with Liberal politicians running us into the overtaxed Solicalized system.

    I'm not a quitter either so I'm not about to tell him to get out of the race.

    Historically, we have had candidates die on the campaing trail. What do you think will happen, if Romney supporters suddendly find him out of the race? I wouldn't pick on Paul, he may be all you have left.

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    He will be in the race long past Huckabee, that's for sure! He received another 5 milliion for this quarter. He's not going anywhere anytime soon. Let's consentrate on getting MC CAIN out. By the way how does MCCain have the money to stay in the race? Didn't think he had the money now all of a sudden he does. What gives!? GO GO Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!

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    My feeling is that Paul won't win. If McCain wins then the principles that Paul stands for will lose. Both of the main ones, the war, and the border security and illegal immigration.

    I would rather Paul worked with Romney to at least win on one of his principles, which is the border. No one in the Republican party will work with him on this foreign policy.

    I don't see Paul being offered any positions in any of the other candidates administrations. So for personal reasons he has nothing to gain which leaves he principles and issues. It comes down to how much can he win in his principles? My only guess the closest one that would work with him is Romney who would help to get illegal immigration and border security resolved.

    So Paul is in a lose/lose proposition with anyone but Romney who can give him a win/lose in principles.
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    Immigration reform should reflect a commitment to enforcement, not reward those who blatantly break the rules. - Rep Dan Boren D-Ok

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    Good for Ron Paul!

    Just wondering, was he born 200 years to late?
    Gotta love this guys tenacity.

    "I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces from within." General Douglas MacArthur

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    YEAH!!! Go Ron Paul! Thanks for posting this Darlene.

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