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    When will someone march on this administration, cross the "line in the sand" or as Caesar so long ago crossed the river Rubicon, when marching on his own home Rome, to dispose of the corruption that dwelled there?

    From what I can see on the forums and in America generally, is building rage. The hurricane pushed it to the level it would have likely reached in a year, in less than 2 weeks. What is to be done with this pent up anger at all, not just illegals, who are screwing the American people? I fear that no matter who displaces incumbents next midterms, they will be unable to, one, change anything, and 2, won't be able to get the attention of millions of Americans that are for real, abandoned.

    America is in the "coon trap" the log with a hole in it, shiny quarter in the bottom, stick your hand in grab the shiny bauble, but once the paw is closed, the coon cannot remove the paw. Nor will he let go of his prize. Here comes the trapper with a club, and the dumb coon will just stay there, coin in paw, and be clubbed to death. We won't let go of the illusion that this is a democracy, it is a Constituional Republic, the notion of democracy has allowed the people to vote for their own destruction, they like the shiny bauble, the free circus. The the mob "votes" and well, then the MOB (criminals) rules. Give me benign dictatorship anyday, or a proper king, chosen by God. Geeze! I am concerned that the American people would have it this way in a heartbeat. The stakes could never be higher as NOW!

    Now I know how hitler got his start. It happens when common people survey the political landscape and look for a savior. Hell, I'm asking myself who on the horizon has what it takes, to clean up this country? Most Americans would vote in any psycho that promised 1.25 gas, and a guaranteed job, even if it was in the military, building or servicing it. Like Mussolini, get the trains running on time , make sure there is lotsa wine, jobs, throw in a soccer match, and voila! Popular support!

    Well football season has begun and I imagine bread and circuses will hold the vast proportion of Americans rapt, while what needs to get done languishes.

    I don't know about you, but it is dawning on me now that we are in way worse shape than I thought at the beginning of this. The rule of law is gone. We live in the time as in Rome, when the smart money went to Constantinople(ancient offshoring), and the Western capital Rome, was left to the barbarians(illegals) and the rats(politicians, and well, RATS).

    cheers glenn

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    I doubt it could be said any better than this. Thanks, Glenn.
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    Re: Rubicon

    Quote Originally Posted by naturalglenn
    that this is a democracy,
    Actually it is a republick

    who on the horizon has what it takes, to clean up this country?
    You me and the man next door. I bought mine you got yours? Rope and a camera will learn up the next 100 years.

    Unfortunatly, most of America doesn't vote as is their duty as a citizen, and the one's who do, vote for the one with the most green color.
    "I can because I will, I will because I can" ME

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