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Thread: Rubio Wins in Washington, D.C., Cruz Takes Delegates in Wyoming

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    Rubio Wins in Washington, D.C., Cruz Takes Delegates in Wyoming

    Cruz Takes Delegates in Wyoming, and Rubio Wins in Washington, D.C.


    Senator Ted Cruz during a campaign rally on Saturday in Ballwin, Mo. Credit Seth Perlman/Associated Press

    Senator Ted Cruz won the most delegates awarded in the Wyoming Republican conventions on Saturday, while Senator Marco Rubio narrowly beat Gov. John Kasich in Washington, D.C., on the last day of voting before Tuesday’s make-or-break primaries in five large states.

    Hillary Clinton was the winner in the Northern Mariana Islands, the only Democratic contest of the day. In Guam, Republicans chose nine delegates for the party’s July convention, but the delegates were officially unpledged to any candidate.

    Compared with the primaries coming in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio — in what is shaping up to be a second “Super Tuesday” — these contests made for a minor Saturday, with Mr. Cruz trimming a bit from Donald J. Trump’s delegate lead.

    But in Washington, where Republicans are relatively rare and tend to work as lobbyists, lawyers and Capitol Hill staffer members, Saturday amounted to what might be the establishment’s last chance to roar back at the angry anti-Washington masses who have dominated the electorate so far.

    Long lines of men in khakis and women in standard-issue white dresses and pearls snaked through the one voting site, the Loews Madison Hotel downtown. They passed people handing out fliers for Senator Marco Rubio, infants in strollers wearing “All-American Baby” onesies and the “Stop Trump” desk, where anti-Trump editorials from the country’s largest newspapers were on offer.

    They also passed Vinnie Roma, 22, a Trump volunteer from Toms River, N.J., who wore a “Make America Great Again” hat and stars-and-stripes pants. (“They roll their eyes,” he said with a shrug.)

    After voting in the presidential race, the Republicans also picked delegates from among choices including a former White House chief of staff, Josh Bolten, and several former ambassadors.

    Nicholas Rodman, 29, a staff member of the House of Representatives, wore a Reagan-Bush ’84 ball cap and voted for Mr. Rubio. “He’s strong on national security, and he’s pro free-trade,” he said, echoing longstanding party orthodoxy.

    J.J. Burke, 33, a consultant who works on the websites of Fortune 500 companies, said he preferred Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.

    “I relate to him more, and he has legislative experience,” said Mr. Burke, 33, who wore a gingham shirt and blue blazer and joked that he was one of downtown’s “few young Republicans.”

    Registered Democrats living in Washington outnumber Republicans more than 10 to one, but Patrick Mara, the executive director of the DC Republican Party, noted the national party had granted it 19 delegates to the convention, not an insignificant number considering that all of Florida, the biggest state voting on Tuesday and many times the size of the capital, has 99.

    As a result, Mr. Mara said he was surprised candidates did not campaign here, though he acknowledged, “It’s hard to run here in a public way when you are spending your whole campaign running away from Washington.”

    Wyoming represented the day’s other prize.

    Three of the state’s 29 delegates are unpledged state party officials, and only 12 delegates were contested on Saturday, with Mr. Cruz winning nine of them. The remaining 14 will be pledged at a state convention on April 16. Officials in Wyoming have begun studying whether to abandon their complicated voting system, which involves three separate elections, and move to a primary.

    “We don’t see a lot of attention,” explained Tom Wiblemo, executive director of the Wyoming Republican Party.

    But the Wyoming party’s chairman, Matt Micheli, pointed out that Mr. Cruz had visited in August, hosting a couple of large rallies on opposite ends of the state, and that the Cruz campaign had remained engaged throughout the primary season. Donald J. Trump never made it to the state, Mr. Kasich visited last year and Rubio surrogates held several events.

    Saturday’s elections actually began on Friday evening, Eastern Time, in Guam, about 8,000 miles from Washington and on the other side of the international date line. About 300 Republicans met in a hotel ballroom there to vote to send nine delegates to the party’s convention in Cleveland.

    The delegates are not yet officially pledged to any candidate, though one of them, the territory’s governor, Eddie Calvo, has endorsed Mr. Cruz.

    Mr. Cruz’s campaign had dispatched a surrogate on a five-week tour of the United States territories to win over their delegates, and the senator also sent Mr. Calvo a birthday cake in August.

    On Saturday, a letter sent by Mr. Cruz to Guam’s Republican Party (“It’s Guam’s time,” it began) was read on the caucus floor, and the candidate’s wife, Heidi, called in to the ballroom, according to ThePacific Daily News. So did Mr. Kasich and Mr. Trump, who told the assembled Guamanians, “I understand the tourism industry better than anyone else who’s ever run for president,” and “I thought it was very, very important to call in. I didn’t want to give it to one of my assistants to do it. It’s very, very, important if we can get Guam and the delegates. And I will never forget you people.”

    Democrats voted in the Northern Mariana Islands, a territory about 130 miles north of Guam. The island, which has seen the arrival of pregnant Chinese whom the local governor has called “birth tourists,” has about 50,000 American citizens. As in Guam, they cannot vote in the general election but can participate in the nominating contests.

    Mrs. Clinton won four of the territory’s delegates awarded on Saturday, and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont took two.

    Though Washington has only a nonvoting delegate in Congress (“Taxation Without Representation,” its license plates say), its residents do get to vote in the general election, as well as during the primary season.

    At one point Saturday, the line outside the Loews Madison curved around the block, prompting Ben Ginsberg, a prominent lawyer who was national counsel to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, to joke about “voter suppression.”

    As he walked to the back of the line, he waved to the party’s treasurer and other prominent Washingtonians he knew by name.

    But when asked whom he supported, Mr. Ginsberg played coy, insisting he was less interested in voting for president than for the delegates themselves.

    “I’m voting for my friends,” he said.


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    These two win anytime it is a caucus run only by the core GOP party machinery. Trump wins when the popular vote is allowed.


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