Obama Lets Iran Have Nuclear Weapons

November 25, 2013BEGIN TRANSCRIPT
RUSH: I wonder what the deal clincher was. Did Obama promise the supreme leader of Iran that, if he liked his health care plan, he could keep it? What was it that cinched this deal? Man, oh, man, oh, man. These people will do anything to distract us from how bad Obamacare is, including let the Iranians get a nuclear weapon down the road. It's unbelievable. And you know what they're counting on? They're counting on the fact that most people don't care about Iran.
They're counting on the fact that there's a Libertarian view out there that says, "Well, we have a nuke. Who are we to say that Iran can't have a nuke?" And, by the way, that's an attitude not just the Libertarians have. That's the kind of rigmarole that's taught in the public school system today. Who are we to say who can't have a nuclear weapon? I mean, after all, we have one. What gives us the right to tell those people they can't have one. Who do we think we are? That's the kind of stuff that's taught. But I guarantee you, Obama's counting on the fact that people aren't gonna care. They didn't care about Syria, why are they gonna care about this? Iran, what's Iran? It doesn't matter. It's a sad thing, most people don't even know.

RUSH: I was chatting, folks, with some friends over the weekend in e-mail and it was about this Iran deal. There were some friends that were genuinely distraught over this, as they should be. This is terrible what's being done here. I mean, these people are no different than the North Koreans except they say they are. But, I mean, the Iranians lie. I guess liars believe liars. Is that how this works? But in this exchange back and forth with some friends, I posited the following, and it's pretty much what I just said.
I said, "Well, you gotta understand that most people haven't been told why Iran getting a nuclear weapon is a bad deal. Most people haven't been told that Iran's trying to get a nuclear weapon," and one of the guys replied -- and I found this is profound and I think it illustrates exactly where we are. He said, "The American people shouldn't have to be told. We are Americans. We understand these things." And I looked at it, and I said, "Yeah, in the good old days, that was true. But at the moment, the American people have to be told or they don't know it."

The media is literally nothing more than a <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym> firm for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. That's really all they are. That's the only way that you can understand the media. They're not journalists. They don't do news. They are a giant public relations firm because they're fellow travelers. They're Democrats, they're liberals, they're leftists, and their sole focus is protecting Obama. Their sole focus is how does Obama look. Their sole focus is how can we save Obama if he gets in trouble? Their sole focus is how can we build up Obama?
They are a <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym> firm. They're a crisis management firm, <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym> firm, they're image makers. That's all they are. And if they can't do positive things for their guy, then they rip us to shreds as an alternative. But I'm all confused, see, 'cause the way I look at this, see, I thought all the talk last week about the nuclear option was about the Democrats killing the filibuster in the Senate. Now it turns out that it's Obama's foreign policy toward Iran. We're gonna give them the nuclear option. I know many of you ask, "Rush, why do you think it's bad deal?" 'Cause Obama did it. I realize that's simplistic for a lot of you. Not all of you, but for some of you I realize that's not an answer.
Yes, it is. It's plenty for me. Obama did it.
What good has he done? You know, there's something else I'm getting weary of. I see it everywhere. It's the analogy that if a Republican were in the White House, do you realize how this would be covered? It's on everything. If Bush had made this deal, fill in the blank. Another one. You remember how the Drive-Bys in 2006 and 2007, 2008 were trying to talk down the economy to create in everybody's minds a recession? At the time we had 4.7% unemployment, statistically full employment. And the media is on a mission to secure defeat, and when I say the media, the Democrat Party's on a mission to secure defeat in Iraq and hang that around Bush's neck. They are trying to talk down the economy into a recession.

All of this to set up the election of a Democrat president, whoever it might be, Hillary or Obama. And at the same time, Wall Street was very healthy. Remember all the reports? Yeah, Bush's fat cat buddies on Wall Street, his oil buddies, look, they're making out like bandits, and Main Street's dying. What's different today? Wall Street's doing better than ever, Main Street's closed, the Democrat Party is about to take over or has taken over one-sixth of the US economy, and they don't know what to do with it, and if a Republican were in office and this happened -- everybody makes that analogy. Everybody knows it. Yet it doesn't matter. It doesn't seem to have any impact. Everybody knows the analogy. Everybody uses it.
So everybody knows that the media is dishonest. Everybody knows that the media has chosen sides. And yet the media still gets away with being the referee. They still get away with being the determining factor in whether somebody knows something or doesn't, and this Iranian business, yeah, the American people should know without having to be told, exactly. But a culture that is obsessed with Kanye West, Miley Cyrus and a kitten behind her at the American Music Awards, and Kim Kardashian, how in the world do you expect them to get all bent outta shape about what's happening in Iran?
And who can blame people for being confused? Only a month or two ago Obama wanted to go to war to destroy Syria's weapons of mass destruction. And now Obama has Iran, who are Syria's masters, given them the green light to go ahead with their own weapons of mass destruction program. How times change in just the matter of months. It was just last summer we drew that red line. Or maybe it was a year ago, whenever, he drew the red line. Then he denied drawing the red line. He drew the red line and said, "If you cross that red line you got me to deal with." Today, he erected a green light. He erased the red line, he erected a green light, gave it to the mullahs, probably promised the supreme leader he could keep his health care plan if he likes it as a bonus.
Yeah, when John Kerry is involved, don't tell me that it's good. And by the way, I've got a Stack of Stuff with all kinds of people from both sides of the aisle who think this is very dangerous and very bad. Such personages as Professor Dershowitz and Ambassador Bolton and a story that a bunch of Democrats don't like this. I know, Chuck-U Schumer, lukewarm 'cause of Israel. This is bipartisan fear over what this could ultimately mean, 'cause we're dealing with the Iranians. They are state sponsors of terrorism, and they are liars. So I guess the reason for this abrupt change in policy is that, well, again, you got the Syria business, and that was to distract us from what, the IRS scandal. The red line, we're banging the war drums of Syria, and that was to distract us from the IRS scandal.
Then the NSA scandal and the Department of Justice wiretapping reporters scandal. Then we had the Benghazi scandal, and now Obama's trying to distract us from the Obamacare scandal with this Iranian deal, and that I firmly believe. Obamacare is making all these other scandals look like a walk in the park. So you know Obama had to go big. And what could be bigger than giving your country's most implacable enemy the green light to build a bomb? Do you realize we removed sanctions? We're going to pay them, what is it, $11 billion we're gonna give these people to ostensibly to make up for lost ground during the sanctions. Obama's playing like he's a Republican here, we want to show the Iranians we're nice people.
I tell you, it's a good thing that Obama announced this historic deal with Iran, 'cause after all, even the Drive-Bys were beginning to notice that it wasn't November 22nd anymore. Talking about the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination was starting to get a little stale after a solid week. So they had to move on to something else and bingo, here comes Iran, and we find out this has been going on for six months in private. Not even the Israelis knew. They had to find out via their own intel agencies.
Here's another thing. If it wasn't for this Iranian deal, the reporters at CNN would be spending all their time today talking about Miley Cyrus at the American Music Awards and how shocking the kitty cat behind her was. Instead, they've got a poll that is devastating for Obama, and they are beside themselves at CNN. So they're spending a lot of time trying to tell you how you're not gonna be able to get where you're going on Thanksgiving if you happen to live in this little swath of geography in the eastern seaboard. If you know to you to read this stuff, if you know who Obama is, if you know who the Democrats are, if you know who liberals are and how they operate, all of this becomes clear.

RUSH: What? (interruption) Yeah, I think that's probably right. (interruption) Yeah. Yeah. That's probably better said. I think Obama probably promised the mullahs that, if they like their nuclear weapons, they'll be able to keep 'em. That's probably right.

RUSH: Now, I checked the e-mail during the break, and I knew that this was gonna happen. There were some people who were expecting some more in-depth explanation of the Iranian deal and asking me why I didn't do it. There's two reasons. A, I'm not gonna be distracted by it from Obamacare. That's number one. Number two, folks, look, in a sense this is hard for me, because it is very simple. If Obama did it, and John Kerry's involved, it is inept. There's of course more reasons than just that, but that's the guiding principle. What has happened hear? Iran has just been legitimized as a nuclear state. Iran.
Folks, this is the world's state sponsor of terrorists, and terrorism. Let me ask you this. If instead of Iran, the deal had been announced with North Korea, what would your reaction be? Kind of fit to be tied, right? Now, I assume many of you are fight to be tied over the Iranian deal. Some people aren't, though. But if Obama and John Kerry, late at night on a Saturday announced, "Hey, guess what we've been doing the last six months? We just made a deal with Kim Jong-il's kid, King Emu," whatever his name is, the junior fat, pot-bellied dictator, and they told you that we can trust this guy. What would your reaction be? To me it's no different. In fact, it may be a little worse because these guys are actually going to have a nuclear weapon, and they are going to have the ability to use it and they're going to have the will to use it.
But all you gotta do, folks, is peruse the news and you find out that people from across the spectrum don't like this. The people who are in favor of it are the Obama acolytes. They exist as a <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym> agency to prop the guy up and make him look good no matter what, and to make his critics look small and racist and bigoted and what have you. But from the spectrum, from to Professor Dershowitz at Harvard over here to John Bolton over here, with Democrats and Republicans in between -- I happen, by the way, to know the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. I have known him since 1993. I've known him before he was prime minister. I've known him as prime minister.
I have smoked cigars with him at a hotel on Central Park south while he was prime minister. I came back early from a Rush to Excellence Tour weekend, I came back early on a Sunday to accept an invitation to have a sit-down for a couple hours in a ballroom with Netanyahu, who was meeting a lot of people. They were in and out. I think there was somebody from the New York Times in with him right before I went in. And I was in with him a couple hours. I trust this man. I think Netanyahu is a fine man, and I trust him and I believe him, and I think he is a fantastic ally. And if Benjamin Netanyahu says that this thing is bad for Israel, I'm gonna believe him before I'm gonna believe John Kerry. Sorry, folks, this is experience guided by intelligence talking. This is not partisanship. This is not anti-liberal bias, although you can't leave some of that out.
You look at how Obama supposedly punishes bad behavior. If you smoke, take a look at your premiums in Obama. Obamacare slams smokers with sky-high premium costs. This is a story from William La Jeunesse at the Fox News Channel: "ObamaCare may have backfired in its goal of making smoking so expensive that users quit, public health experts say, as sky-high insurance premiums force smokers to drop coverage altogether and lose smoking cessation programs along with it."
Well, hey, there's another thing that people don't remember, and that is that the tax on tobacco products up to now has almost totally funded children's health care plans. It has long been my contention that the smokers in this country deserve a medal. The people on the other side of the glass are shaking their heads. "There he goes again." I'm sorry if that sounds controversial. These people have been paying higher taxes than anybody else because they're being punished. They're being punished because of political correctness and a government which disapproves of what they do. And they have ginned up this whole anti-smoking hysteria among people to the point it's so bad now that you actually have busybodies living 300 feet, a football field away, claiming, with closed windows all around, that they can smell somebody smoking a cigarette a hundred yards away. They can't. They're lying through their teeth.
They punish these people, at the same time raise their taxes, and use that money to fund children's health care programs. You can look it up. I ain't lyin', as they say. If anything, these people deserve our thanks. So now Obama has just jacked up their premiums sky-high 'cause he doesn't want them insured because the theory is that smokers are going to get cancer and the treatment is going to be so expensive that we ought not make other people pay for it. They should pay for it themselves if they're going to engage in risky behavior, blah, blah. But notice that other risky behaviors are not punished. You know, Obama's very selective in his punishment of behavior he doesn't like. Smoking or getting fat, you get fat, you smoke, you're gonna have all kinds of punishment meted out on you.
But Obama's foreign policy rewards bad behavior, like developing nuclear weapons. With Iran he's rewarding bad behavior here. We are paying them back for the money they've lost during our sanction policy, or some of it, anyway. So what's worse, drinking Big Gulps and eating trans fats, or the Iranians have nuclear weapons? You see where Obama's paid volunteers, this group called Organizing for Action -- it's a spin-off of Organizing for America -- is calling on people to bring up Obamacare during Thanksgiving dinner with their families? The directive's gone out on websites. When you get together with family, talk up Obamacare.
Look, folks, it's a bad deal all the way around. There's no good that can come of it. The Saudis are talking about it, "All right, if we can't count on Obama or America anymore, we're maybe just gonna have to take action on our own." (interruption) I know. I could mention other behaviors that people engage in that are risky that are not punished, in fact rewarded. I'm not gonna go there, Dawn. Don't sweat it. It's just selective. Now, I am always interested in explaining why I believe what I believe. I don't just come here and say, "Well, I think the Iranian deal's bad 'cause Obama did it." I mean, there's lots of reason behind that. I just like to cut to the chase. Brevity is the soul of wit. If Obama doing the deal is enough for me to not like the deal, I'm gonna tell you that.
Name for me anything else he's done that you want to stand up and cheer for or support or reelect. In fact, name for me one thing that, had you known it was gonna turn out this way, you would have voted for him? If you had known five years in that 91 and a half million Americans were gonna be out of work, if you had known five years in that 50 million people were gonna be on food stamps, if you had known five years in you're gonna lose your doctor, your health care costs are gonna triple, would you have voted to reelect the guy? No. This deal with Iran is an absolute potential disaster. But Obama doesn't see enemies where I see enemies. He sees potential friends.
Obama doesn't see enemies. He sees people who have been wronged by America. Obama sees victims. Obama sees people who have been taken advantage of, or discriminated against by America. I don't have the same worldview he does. The Associated Press said that the Iran deal could end up being Obama's crowning achievement in foreign policy. What else do you need to know that it's a disaster? If the Associated Press is praising this as Obama's crowning achievement in foreign policy, if that doesn't raise your red flags, then you simply don't see the world the way I do. And that means that you are wrong. Ahem, said with humor.


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