August 12, 2013

"The Democrats are pumping iron. They're very confident, folks. They don't think anything can stop them. They really don't. And why would they? They got the Republicans in Washington basically agreeing with them. They're marionettes."

"What do you mean you can never call a woman fat? I call a fat guy fat. You can't call a fat woman fat? Well, what is it, a plus size, is that what you call 'em? Plus size woman? Is that the term for it? Is that what I shoulda said? "

"Obama going on a comedy show to tell us something very serious about foreign policy, and I said this is diminishing the office of the presidency, the way Obama's handling this, just totally diminishing it. He is reducing the office to the lowest common denominator,"

"Is a clown puts on an Obama face mask at a state fair and everybody goes nuts at how offensive it is and how dismissive it is. Well, when you go on late-night comedy shows and you make a joke of the office of president, what do you expect people to do? When you're shredding the Constitution, when you're taking steps that tear this country apart in ways that people don't want it transformed, what do you expect people to do?"

"Any institution that is run by liberal Democrats is gonna be rife with corruption. It's gonna be broke. It's gonna have a bunch of people who are not working in it. It's gonna have all-powerful unions. It's gonna be paying pensions and health care for people who stopped working years ago and who expect to continue to be paid long after they stop working."

"President Barack Obama referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday with language more descriptive of a schoolboy than the leader of 143 million people. If Bush had said something like this it would be the news of the week and we'd be worried about whether or not nuclear war was about to break out."

"Massive amounts of people are entering the United States in a new wave of illegal immigration by using keywords that are essentially granting them asylum, as we are on the verge of the Congress passing amnesty."

“The Democrats are marching on with Obamacare, salivating over having it become single payer, government run. All of the chaos that's happening in the health care and health insurance fields is by design. It's supposed to be a big mess that people can't figure out. It's supposed to be a big mess that leaves a lot of people uninsured and untreated. It's supposed to be a big mess so that people eventually turn to the place of last resort, the North Pole where the White House is Santa Claus.”

"A Republican primary debate is nothing more than Democrat media people accusing the Republicans of one thing or another. It's no real serious questioning. There's no real effort to understand who they are."

"Refugee status is about the best status you can have, living in America. Being a refugee is right up there with being a citizen, because benefits for refugees include food stamps, housing vouchers, English language training, job training, transportation passes, Medicaid, supplemental security income assistance, SSI, as well as other public and private benefits. I mean, the Tsarnaev family were refugees. They landed in America either at Logan or JFK, and they claimed asylum. And that's all you have to do."

"There are plenty of laws on the books to overwhelm the country with new immigrants without any amnesty bill taking place."

"This country is undergoing an identity transformation unlike it has ever seen, and it is a transformation that's been being sponsored and engineered by the current administration."

"Everything in our culture is being chickified. And some things fine, but not everything."

"Obama saying the Republican Party doesn't want you to have health care, not health insurance, the Republican Party doesn't want you to get treated. It is patently absurd. There's nothing to back that up."

"This was a pretty good show considering there wasn't one thing worth talking about today, not one. But we made it work, folks."