Reader's voice on illegal immigration
Oct. 8, 2007 10:08 AM

Same tune from open-borders crowd

Regarding "Immigrants are unlikely criminals" (Republic, Monday):

Whether it's the Immigration Policy Center or The Arizona Republic (or both) who tries to confuse the public with the "statistics" on immigrants and crime, it's an old trick that Americans are wise to.

This study combines into one group both legal immigrants and illegal aliens, labeling them all "immigrants" when they're not. Since legal immigrants have indeed risked everything to get here, their crime rate is very low because they have much to lose. Their low numbers camouflage the very high crime rates for illegal aliens.

Making the situation worse are what I call "illegal alien sanctuary" policies such as the Phoenix Police Department's Operations Order 1.4.3, resulting in many illegal-alien crimes going unreported because the criminal is never arrested, much less prosecuted and convicted.

I'm sure the Immigration Policy Center excluded the four crimes committed by illegal aliens:

1. Illegal presence in the United States.

2. Acquiring false documents (Social Security cards, etc.).

3. Acquiring employment through false documents.

4. Identity theft.

Shielding illegal aliens behind legal immigrants is the oldest trick in the "open-borders" book. Like playing the race card, so many are wise to it that it's lost all effectiveness.

The open borders lobby has millions of dollars at its disposal. We'd appreciate it spending some on new sales and marketing propaganda.

- Sandra Miller, Phoenix ... out05.html