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    Sanctuary cities for illegals in USA - Last Updated 2-1-08

    List of US Sanctuary Cities*

    *Note: Not all listings have been independently confirmed by OJJPAC. If you believe a city should not be listed, please send an email, and OJJPAC will make note of the dispute and attempt to verify. Dates represent when a city was added to the list, not when it became or allegedly became a sanctuary city. Other notations may indicate the source of information. Cities without a date were added prior to May, 2007. Some sanctuary cities may not have yet been identified and therefore not listed here. You are encouraged to perform additional research regarding the status of your own city. The presence of illegal aliens in your city does not necessarily indicate that your city is a sanctuary city.

    Last updated: 2-1-08



    Anchorage (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Fairbanks (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service, also see dispute resolution note below)


    Chandler, AZ (Added 5/30/07, Congressional Research Service Report, 2006 )

    Phoenix, AZ


    Bell Gardens, CA
    City of Industry, CA
    City of Commerce, CA
    Cypress, CA
    Davis CA
    Downey, CA
    Fresno, CA (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Lakewood, CA
    Los Angeles, CA (Congressional Research Service)
    Long Beach, CA
    Lynwood, CA
    Maywood, CA
    Montebello, CA
    National City, CA
    Norwalk, CA
    Oakland, CA (Added 8-27-07. Source: 4/25/07 story by KCBS 740 AM. Link here.)
    Paramount, CA
    Pico Rivera, CA
    So. Gate, CA
    San Bernardino, Ca. (Added 6/7/07, reader submitted)
    San Diego, CA (Congressional Research Service)
    Santa Cruz, CA (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
    San Francisco, CA (Congressional Research Service)
    San Jose, CA (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Sonoma County, CA (Congressional Research Service)
    Tucson, CA (Added 11-12-07, Source: 11-11-07 story by Brady McCombs, Arizona Daily Star. See note below.)
    Vernon, CA
    Watsonville, CA (Added 5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
    Wilmington, CA


    Aurora, CO
    Commerce City, CO
    Denver, CO (Congressional Research Service)
    Durango, CO (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Federal Heights, CO
    Fort Collins CO
    Lafayette, CO (Added 6/3/07, documented by reader)
    Thornton, CO
    Westminster, CO


    New Haven, CT (Added 6/4/07. TV News 8: City council votes 25-1 to issue ID cards to illegal aliens)


    DeLeon Springs, FL
    Deltona, Fl
    Miami, FL


    Dalton, GA (Added 5/30/07. 6/18/07 Listing disputed as inaccurate by the City of Dalton, GA. Currently being researched. )


    Chicago, IL (Congressional Research Service)
    Cicero, IL (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Evanston, IL (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)


    Cambridge, Mass. (Source: Boston Globe. First passed resolution in 1985)
    Chelsea, Mass. (Added: 8-14-07 Source: Chelsea government website with text of sanctuary policy.)
    Orleans, Mass. (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Springfield (Disputed)


    Portland (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that Portland city council passed sanctuary legislation)
    State of Maine (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that the governor signed a sanctuary executive order)


    Baltimore, MD (Congressional Research Service)
    Gaithersburg, MD
    Mt. Rainier, MD (Added 1-20-08, Source: The Washington D.C. Examiner, 1-19-0
    Takoma Park, MD (Reported that City ordinance passed some 20 years ago; Congressional Research Service)


    Ann Arbor, MI (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Detroit, MI (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)


    Minneapolis, MN (Congressional Research Service)
    St. Paul, MN
    Worthington, MN (Added 5-30-07 Note: This is where a Swift plant was raided by ICE in December, 2006)


    Reno (Added 5-31-07)

    New Jersey

    Camden, NJ
    Fort Lee, NJ
    Hightstown, NJ (Added 5-30-07)
    Jersey City, NJ
    Newark, NJ (Added 6-3-07)
    North Bergen, NJ
    Trenton, NJ
    Union City, NJ
    West New York, NJ

    New Mexico

    Albuquerque, NM (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service; 8-14-07 KOB-TV 4 Eyewitness News report)
    Rio Ariba County, NM (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
    Santa Fe, NM (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)

    New York

    Bay Shore, NY
    Brentwood, NY
    Central Islip, NY
    Farmingville, NY
    New York City, NY
    Riverhead, NY
    Shirly/Mastic, NY
    Spring Valley Village, NY (Added 7-25-07)
    Uniondale, NY
    Westbury, NY

    North Carolina

    Carrboro, NC (Added 11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The News & Observer)
    Chapel Hill, NC (Added 11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The News & Observer)
    Charlotte, NC
    Durham, NC (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)


    Columbus, OH (7/5/07 Source: 5/10/07 Columbus Dispatch article stating illegal aliens in misdemeanor cases are not reported to ICE)

    Painesville, OH (7-19-07 Source: 7-18-07 Cleveland Scene article) [8-9-07 Disputed by Painesville's City Manager, under review. 11-11-07 OJJPAC Note: City appears to be reassessing its policies. It is OJJPAC's hope that Painesville can be removed from the list soon.


    Oklahoma City (de facto)
    Tulsa (6-3-07 Note: Tulsa city council is discussing changing its sanctuary policy.)


    State of Oregon * (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service) *(See note below)

    Ashland, OR (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
    Gaston, OR (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
    Marion County, OR (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
    Portland, OR


    Austin, TX (Congressional Research Service)
    Baytown, TX (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
    Brownsville, TX
    Channelview, TX (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
    Denton, TX
    Dallas, TX
    El Cenizo, TX (6-13-07 Congressional Research Service)
    Ft.Worth, TX
    Houston, TX (Congressional Research Service)
    Katy, TX (Congressional Research Service)
    Laredo, TX
    Mcallen, TX
    Port Arthur, TX (6-13-07 Reader/resident observation)


    Provo, UT
    Salt Lake City, UT


    Fairfax County, VA
    Virginia Beach, VA (Added 6/3/07)


    Seattle, WA (Added 5/30/07; Congressional Research Service)


    Madison, WI (Congressional Research Service)


    Jackson Hole, WY

    Washington, D.C.

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    This is a good list to have. Sad to see so many TX cities on there but it isnt a surprise.

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    Las Vegas is also , I wonder why its not on the list

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    Look at California, were I live. We have been putting up with this crap for years. I have watched my state become a thrid world country. Our education system, that use to be the best in the country, is now in the crapper. I am trying to tlak my daughter into homeschooling her kids. We are being dumbed down education wise. They are getting more into social issues than reading, writing and arithmatic. I am sickened to death

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    I don't know why Marietta, Norcross, Gainesville, Atlanta, GA are not on the list.

    They sure are here.
    I'm "Dot" and I am LEGAL!

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    Winston Salem the residence or RICHARD BURR us senator who had to be gently pushed to vote against MCcain bill

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    Miami, Florida
    There are also more cities in South Florida which I will look into. I do know Florida City and Homestead should be included. One Hispanic business owner tried to start that in Hollywood Florida but people caught it early on before sanctuary city was mentioned right out. This same person ran for comissioner and was backed by the union. When the media wrote about him and his competitor I made several comments on blogs reminding people of his past plan. He was not elected.
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    Someone ought to put Tucson up in Arizona. Mexifornia has enough as it is.
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    I noticed neither Hawaii or Iowa have Sanctuary Cities.

    All federal funding should be with-held from so-called sanctuary cities and they should face criminal fines. No one is above the law.

    "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion." Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.
    "Distrust and caution are the parents of security."
    Benjamin Franklin

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