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Sarah Plays Hardball! What a week for Senator Mark Begich!

Remember Sarah Palin smack down of Mark Begich this week?? What a difference a day makes after taking a bitch-slapping!! This is pathetically hilarious.

After Sarah Palin calls out Mark Begich for the wimp he is, suddenly he has a change of heart about the budget! Are you scared, Begich? Are you worried that Palin might take your seat in the Senate away from you? Why shouldn't she? You, Mark Begich are working for the Marxist/democrat leaders instead of the PEOPLE.

Begich voted for:
Amensty for illegals
Abortion rights
Massive tax hikes
Against a balanced budget amendment

Wednesday: Begich, after news of Sarah running for Senate, against his corrupt self, says Sarah "may not even be a resident".

Mark Begich: Sarah Palin 'Quit On Alaska,' May Not Even Be A Resident

Thursday, Sarah calls Begich out;

Friday: Suddenly, Begich is all for a balanced budget amendment!

What'sa matter, Begich? Scared a little?