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    By Sean Brown Posted in News Politcs
    Posted on April 2, 2016

    While stumping for GOP front-runner Donald Trump, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was speaking to a group of mostly establishment conservatives, and she ended up silencing the room after revealing a damning secret about Sen. Ted Cruzís past that he didnít want out.

    During her speech, the audience remained quite quiet as Palin explained to them the importance of not falling for deception, which they would be doing if the supported Cruz and his weak and opportunistic position on immigration. Evidence of his position, as Palin explained to the crowd, was when he accompanied Glenn Beck in McAllen, Texas to hand out gift baskets to illegals.

    Hereís her full speech, should you care to see it:

    Almost immediately, Twitter blew up with mockery of Palin as establishment conservatives circled the wagons to protect their guy. Check out some of the replies:

    Rosie Gray ‎@RosieGray

    Sarah Palin just said that immigrants are being enticed over the border with gift baskets (???)
    8:32 PM - 1 Apr 2016

    Reid J. Epstein ‎@reidepstein

    In Milwaukee, Sarah Palin says illegal immigrants who come across Mexican border get "gift baskets with soccer balls."
    8:32 PM - 1 Apr 2016

    Byron York ‎@ByronYork

    At Milwaukee County GOP dinner, probably the quietest room Iíve ever heard for Sarah Palin speech.
    8:35 PM - 1 Apr 2016

    Now hereís the fun part Ė proving she was telling the truth.

    Below are some pictures of the event, and weíll also review a snippet from a Breitbart report below them.

    Hereís what Breitbart reported back in 2014:
    The Tea Party Senator will join the radio talk show host and his followers in his effort to bring soccer balls and teddy bears to illegal immigrant children. Cruz, who told Breitbart News that the event is a statement against President Barack Obamaís non-enforcement of immigration laws, said he will be doling out medical supplies.
    The Last Refuge has more on the lies from Cruz that Palin exposed:
    So Sarah Palin brings some BIG TRUTH to those GOP insiders who gathered in Wisconsin; and, if we are to give benefit-of-the-doubt to those who heard it, apparently itís the first time they became aware of Senator Cruzís forked tongue on an issue. Hence, a gob smacked response.

    Palin also pointed out another lie, when she reminded everyone that Senator Cruz never stopped the senate Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill. Despite Lyiní Ted claiming on the campaign trail that he killed the bill, the reality is that bill passed the Senate in 2013, and it would have passed the House were it not for Dave Bratís primary defeat of Eric Cantor in June of 2014 shortly before Sentor Cruz took off to the border with his gift baskets.

    But Sarah didnít stop there. She also fearlessly told the audience that Senator Ted Cruz was also lying about another policy aspect, his advocacy for the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal. And, more specifically, to the Trade Promotion Authority bill Senator Ted Cruz co-authored, co-planned and co-constructed, along with Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives. Again, Sarah was loaded with the truth.

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    I didn't know very much about Ted Cruz in the early part of his campaign. In fact, I really didn't know anything about him except for one thing, his testimony before the Senate in 2013. I watched the YouTube's of his testimony. So 2.5 years later on December 15, 2015 when he was cornered in the debate by Marco Rubio, I knew what Marco was doing and why he was doing it. It was going to be a telling moment when Cruz answered Marco's questions, if he did.

    But he didn't answer, Cruz refused to answer. And I said to myself "uh oh". Cruz dodged the question 3 times with Marco, and then Marco not to be stopped asked the Moderator to make him answer the question. A little interested perked in the Moderator and the Moderator asked Cruz the question. It took 2 times for the moderator to get an answer. And instead of telling the truth, Ted lied, and said he had never supported legalization.

    I always knew when Bill Clinton was lying. He would cock his head, get a smirk on his face and bite his lip. I always know when Ted Cruz is lying because he hangs his head to one side tilted forward so no one can see his eyes and pauses. Some people think he does that as a dramatization. He doesn't do it for that reason, he does it when he's lying so you can't see his eyes move to the left, which is common trait of a liar.

    Ted Cruz could probably be trusted to force a 13 year old rape victim into childbirth against her will and be saddled with raising her rapist's child, but Ted Cruz can't be trusted on the issues of immigration or trade. The advocates for illegal immigration, excess legal immigration and free trade treason own his ass lock, stock and barrel.

    Thank you Sarah Palin for enlightening the folks in Milwaukee. The facts you gave them were facts they need to know.
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    Cruz is just another Bush neocon.
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    Palin: Politicians 'seducing immigrants with teddy bears, soccer balls'


    4/2/16 1:06 AM

    Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin said Friday night that Donald Trump's refusal to back down on immigration, and his ongoing success as a candidate despite his tough stance on that sensitive issue, should inspire people everywhere to rise up and challenge establishment politicians.

    "Knowing that Trump won on that issue, it should empower you to go ahead and ask the candidates 'what the heck are you thinking candidates, what are you thinking when you're going ahead and actually asking for more immigrants, illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even inducing and seducing immigrants with gift baskets of teddy bears and soccer balls,'" Palin said.

    "It's just inviting more. Candidates can say anything they want to about immigration, but actions scream so much louder than a politician's words," she said.

    Palin spoke at the Milwaukee Republican Party Presidential Dinner late Friday, stumping before 750 attendees at the world's largest fish fry

    Palin also railed over trade deals, specifically attacking the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade Promotion Authority. She praised Trump's real estate background as a deal maker, explaining he succeeds because he knows the art of the deal, a play on words referring to Trump's 1987 book.

    "Where we're headed with trade, well, it's going to ultimately fundamentally transform America into something we don't recognize and our kids and our grandkids ... they'll never know then what it is then to be rewarded for that entrepreneurial spirit that God creates within us in order to work and to produce and to strive and to thrive and to really be alive."

    Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Gov. John Kasich also attended and spoke at the event.
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