Scarborough: ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants Evidence of an ‘Ethnic Cleansing of People Who Do Not Support Our Sides’


Scarborough: 'Lock Her Up' Chants Evidence of 'an Ethnic Cleansing of People Who Do Not Support Our Sides'

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JEFF POOR19 Jul 2019

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough followed up on a rant from the network’s Donny Deutsch drawing parallels between President Donald Trump and his supporters, and Nazi Germany.
The “Morning Joe” host called the “lock her up” chants from Trump rallygoers in Greenville, NC on Wednesday night “ethnic cleansing.”
“I think there’s been a hesitation to draw parallels,” he said. “I will say that again, you always want to be careful, and people say we should never draw parallels between the presidency or any political party and fascism. I must say the chant the other night was the first of its kind that I can remember in my lifetime. I think if somebody that is critical of you or critical of me for suggesting that this sounded like a rally in Germany in the early 1930s where people were chanting ‘send them back, send them back’ when there were actually citizens of Germany, and in this case, citizens of the United States of America.”
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“If there is a better analogy for those who want to be critical today, I would love to hear it because I am — you know, I’m a very optimistic guy. Mika will tell you she finds it maddeningly — just tiresome how optimistic I am,” Scarborough continued. “But unlike a lot of the Republican members of Congress, I can dismiss Donald Trump, some of the stupid things he says. I can say, well, you know what, the voters, they’re going to have their say a year from now. But when thousands of Americans and the audience chant ‘send her back’ to a member of Congress because of her color, because she’s a Muslim, or just as frightening — Lindsey Graham says, ‘Oh, it’s because she doesn’t support Donald Trump.’ We are now talking about an ethnic cleansing politically — an ethnic cleansing of people who do not support our sides.”

OFFICIAL US IMMIGRATION POLICY IS INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED TO "ETHNICALLY CLEANSE" this nation's European White population and according to the MSM, I'm supposed to CELEBRATE THIS on a daily basis. And this official US Government policy is also designed to POLITICALLY ETHNICALLY CLEANSE this nation also inorder to reach a desired result in Washington DC. So what these 2 leftist elite Traitors are talking about is 100% completely TRUE but aren't honestly identifying the VICTIMS of the policy they're complaining about. These people at MSNBC "VICIOUSLY RAIL" against White European America on a daily basis and nobody says a word against them for what comes out of their mouths. It's a relentless daily attack.