Scott Walker Gets on Board the Trump Train, ‘If You Don’t Vote for Trump You’re Voting for Hillary’

6 Jul 2016

Wisconsin Governor and former Presidential candidate Scott Walker told Wisconsin’s WKOW that a vote for anybody but Trump was essentially a vote for Hillary Clinton. Governor Walker made the remarks to WKOW’s Greg Neumann.

Greg Neumann @gneumann_wkow
.@ScottWalker tells me the reality is if you don't vote for @realDonaldTrump you're voting for @HillaryClinton .#WKOW
9:42 AM - 5 Jul 2016

The popular Wisconsin Governor also tweeted his support of presumptive nominee Donald Trump Wednesday while squashing RNC convention revolt fantasies by declaring Donald Trump the inevitable Republican Presidential nominee.

Scott Walker ✔ @ScottWalker
Last August, I said I'd support the GOP nominee. It's now clear who the RNC delegates will vote to nominate. And he is better than she is.
8:49 AM - 6 Jul 2016

Governor Walker was the second presidential candidates to drop out of the race, withdrawing in September after failing to gain traction in the polls. He endorsed Senator Ted Cruz in April but as Breitbart News reported focused more on his praise of the Texas Senator than attacking other candidates, including Trump.

Governor Walker will speak at the RNC convention in Cleveland.