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Thread: SECRET WEAPON: Trump Voters Registering At Much Higher Rates In Battleground States

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    SECRET WEAPON: Trump Voters Registering At Much Higher Rates In Battleground States

    ByJohn Binder
    Posted on September 11, 2016

    Recent polls might show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton neck-and-neck, but data coming from key swing states show that the GOP outsider may just have an advantage on election day.

    Fox News reports:

    For all the attention on battleground polls giving Hillary Clinton the edge, Donald Trump enjoys at least one electoral advantage in his uphill climb to the White House: Republicans are outpacing Democrats in registering new voters in key states.

    A review of registration figures shows that in the swing states that sign up voters by party, Republicans are seeing a significantly bigger boost since 2012. In states like Florida and Pennsylvania, the party has added tens of thousands of voters to the rolls at a time when Democrats have seen their base shrink.

    “The numbers [in those states] … are a huge shift from what we’ve seen in 2012,” Republican National Committee spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said.

    The surge doesn’t change the fact that Clinton leads, if only by a thin margin, in most battleground state polls, which presumably reflect the current voter make-up

    What do you think? Is this Trump’s secret weapon?
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    Lord God, I hope so. I am now using the term "ransacked" to describe how the US is losing on so many fronts. (Our military technology still outpaces everyone, but how much longer?) Though Clinton might present a militaristic hawkish tone, at least compared to her associates, what we really need is a genius to who can get others to agree to limitations. I've heard Reagan was urged on to reducing nuclear proliferation by Nancy Reagan, which doesn't surprise me. Trump bases his strategy on economic pressure, what our Commanders-in-Chief should have been doing before, or at least seriously considering. Advance the military technology so we have no rival. Hit 'em in the pocket book economically so that we can enforce truce conditions. We should have been able to get off Middle East oil ten or twenty years ago. Both parties share the blame!

    Finally, nuclear power plant proliferation is dangerous, too. I worked in such a plant, and it is not dangerous to work in one (except Chernobyll ). But letting them be built in unstable countries is lunacy. We need to be able to offer them other means of power---which combined with appliance efficiency---opens up new export markets.
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