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Thread: Sell California

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    Sell California

    Thought this was kind of clever

    February 16, 2018

    You can love President Donald Trump or you can hate him, but he is the only president in my lifetime who has tried to keep every promise he made during the election. Everyone else said whatever they needed to get elected.

    One of his few failures is having Mexico pay for the wall. I have the solution. California has recently enacted a law that makes it a sanctuary state. It seems not to want to be part of America by following federal immigration laws.

    So, sell California to Mexico for the cost of the wall plus 15 percent in administration fees. The wall would run across the southern border to the Arizona-California border, then north along the eastern border of California up to the Oregon border, then west to the coast.

    The liberal Hollywood elite that wanted to leave the country when Mr. Trump won the election could do so without leaving home.

    But the most wonderful advantage would be not hearing or seeing Nancy Pelosi ever again. She could, theoretically, speak to the Mexican government about its philosophy on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, since the now-illegal former American citizens will need health care and access to education and citizenship.

    The only downside I can see is that the American flag will have only 49 stars. It hasn't had that few stars since the late 1950s. I recommend Puerto Rico become the new 50th state, letting the flag remain the same.

    Another advantage I failed to mention is the removal of 54 former California representatives and two senators, which would save the federal government a few bucks. Puerto Rico would have two senators but only two or three representatives.

    There you are: Wall problem solved. I will forward this to the president

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    LOL!!! Very clever!! I just love Trump Supporters, they're so cute.

    But I have 1 suggestion, lets make the Virgin Islands the 50th state to replace California instead of Puerto Rico. They worked really hard to rebuild after the Hurricane and never whined or complained one bit. They just got it done and were very appreciative of all our help and were very nice to our responders. I'm sure they still have a lot of problems, but they don't blame the US for them. I like that. Much more American than the whiny Puerto Ricans.

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    Rather than rebuild Puerto Rico...make it prison island.

    Send criminals on work crews to clean it up.
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    Puerto Rico is so corrupt, the criminals would fit right in! They'll have a blast. Great idea!!
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    Wow, selling California is a great idea! This should get serious consideration. It's a win-win deal.
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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