Senate immigration bill gives illegal aliens multiple amnesties: New study

by Jim Kouri on April 30, 2013

Part of the immigration reform bill currently being debated in the U.S. Senate is a 13-year pathway to citizenship for most of the county’s 11 million illegal aliens that will depend on whether the already overworked and undermanned Border Patrol achieves the goal of capturing 90% of the illegal border-crossers, according to border protection experts on Monday.

In addition, a report released on Monday by a noted immigration think-tank believes the people who know the truth about border security and illegal immigration are the people to whom Americans should listen.

Supporters of the Schumer-Rubio reform bill say they have confidence such a goal can be measured and reached over the course of the next decade. But U.S border residents, some experts, retired or active Border agents, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents claim these projections are based on wishful thinking or politically-motivated deception.

“We have tried for weeks, unsuccessfully, to get a meeting with the Gang of 8 in order to share our deep concerns about the breakdown of interior enforcement in America. ICE’s political leadership, specifically Secretary Napolitano and Director Morton, have repeatedly and dangerously undermined the ability of ICE officers and agents to do their jobs and ensure the constitutionally established rule of law is upheld. Yet, while the Gang of 8 has, as reported for months, worked extensively with powerful interest groups, ICE officers – like the public – have been shut out,” said Chris Crane, National ICE Council president.

For example, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) notes in its report that the “Gang of Eight” claims that its immigration bill does not provide amnesty for illegal immigrants.

But an analysis of the legalization portion of the 844-page Senate proposal uncovers at least 11 amnesties for illegal aliens and their employers, according to CIS officials.

The report by Dr. Ronald Mortensen, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, reveals that the token penalties — when they do exist — “are not commensurate with the employment-related felonies committed by the majority of illegal aliens, nor are they commensurate with the benefits received by illegal aliens.”

“Just as unfortunate is the fact that millions of victims of these crimes are ignored while the amnestied illegals are rewarded and even benefit from the so-called penalties, as the monies actually go into a fund that provides services to the very people who paid the penalties,” states Mortensen’s report.

“Illegal aliens will be rewarded for breaking laws for which American citizens are routinely punished,” said Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“For example, an American citizen would face a maximum penalty of ten years in prison and fines of up to $250,000 for using a fraudulent Social Security card, but under this bill the illegal alien would face a $1,000 penalty covering all his many offenses, a penalty which in many cases will be waived. Then, they would be issued a new Social Security number without any past bad credit or arrest records,” said Krikorian.

Dr. Mortensen discovered that while illegal aliens would be granted amnesty for crimes they have committed, government employees who discover Social Security fraud, identity theft, or perjury on I-9 forms while reviewing applications for provisional status would be prohibited from notifying victims, law enforcement, etc. with a threat of a $10,000 penalty. This is 10 times more than the $1,000 penalty paid by an illegal alien who has committed those crimes including felony identity theft.

While employers would be held harmless, government employees who find that employers violated the law while reviewing applications for temporary status would be prohibited from notifying the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Should government employees report tax or labor violations, they could face a fine of $10,000 for performing their duties.

The report also shows that illegal aliens will not achieve amnesty — they will achieve more than 10 amnesties. In fact, these lawbreaking illegal aliens will getaway with committing criminal acts that would lead to incarceration for U.S. citizens.

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