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Thread: Senate Power Grab Opens Door To Death Panel Appointments!

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    Senate Power Grab Opens Door To Death Panel Appointments!

    Senate Power Grab Opens Door To Death Panel Appointments!

    Posted by: Brandon Walker
    Posted date: November 23, 2013

    In 2009, Snopes and Fact Check did everything in their power to bury Sarah Palin for her comment about Death Panels. Even President Obama piped off with there are no Death Panels in the Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

    Now, we just saw in one swift move, the Senate opened the door to Death Panel appointments with one “Nuclear Rule” vote.

    With the Nuclear Rule, the Senate has moved any and all appointments of the 15 member Health Care Panel to a 51 vote system instead of the normally required 61 votes to approve someone to an appointment. They stripped all the protection that was in the Constitution to prevent one party or individual from having all control of two branches. That means that the President has the ability to cram anyone onto that panel on a straight party vote without even the full party to approve it through the system.

    Lack of good sound medical judgement? No problem. An accountant with no experience in medical procedures? No problem. Believe in Dr. Kavorkian’s euthanasia program? No problem. Seeing a pattern here?

    This is the thing, with the approval of the Senate’s Nuclear Rule, against the Constitution of the United States, one party with 51 members can approve any appointment they want. It was another illegal rule by this administration. The filling of the 15 person board for the high level health care is supposed to start no later than January since Obamacare was let onto the rule books despite it being an illegal tax on the American People. They review the medical procedures and cost cutting programs for Medicare.

    That means that the individuals over 65 will have to face the questionnaire every 5 years, exactly how it is worded in Obamacare, and they decide which procedures will be paid for. Basically who lives and who dies.

    Sorry and Fact Checker, Harry Reid just opened this one back up for debate. It does exist and there will be no one to stop it if he appoints them all before the 2014 election.

    As for a federal judge to end the madness? Let’s hope none retire before then in certain districts, because the “Nuclear Rule” goes for their appointments too.
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    Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Democrat cohorts voted to change the Senate rules to virtually silence the voices of the Republican minority in opposing any of President Obama’s radical appointments.

    The long line of Obama leftist nominees – judges, agency heads, and other ideologues are now all but assured confirmation – unless these senators hear from “we, the People!”

    Please see my important update and urgent call to action – Mat.

    Harry Reid and the Democrats steamrolled Republicans yesterday with a procedural change that will break the body’s longstanding policy on filibusters.

    Reid’s hypocritical and cynical use of the “nuclear option” nullifies filibusters, which normally take 60 votes to end debate, but now allows a simple majority to stop debate and ultimately confirm Barack Obama’s radical nominees.

    The Democrats have 55 senators, which are more than enough to force their will on the minority. Sadly, this disastrous turn of events is another stark example of why elections have consequences.

    The filibuster is one of the most important vehicles a minority party has to oppose, delay, and even stop legislation or nominees.

    Our nation’s Founders believed that the Senate was to be a deliberative body, which is why the rule was set in place to allow any member of Congress to speak on any issue. The filibuster has served the interests of both Parties over the years.

    These are Harry Reid’s own words in 2005 when he was among the minority…

    “The filibuster is not a scheme and it certainly isn't new. The filibuster is far from a procedural gimmick. It's part of the fabric of this institution we call the Senate. It was well-known in colonial legislatures before we became a country, and it's an integral part of our country's 214-year history.

    Senators have used the filibuster to stand up to popular presidents, to block legislation, and, yes, even, as I've stated, to stall executive nominees. The roots of the filibuster are found in the Constitution and in our own rules.”

    He’s not called “Hypocrite Harry” for nothing!

    ++President Obama immediately praised Reid’s cynical action.

    In his ongoing campaign mode, President Obama often says it's critical to “change the way that Washington is doing business.”

    In his mind, changing the Senate rules to forward HIS agenda is acceptable, but (of course) he didn’t think those rules should change when in didn’t benefit him!

    These are then-Senator Barack Obama’s own words in 2005 when he was among the minority party…

    “The American people want less partisanship in this town, but everyone in this chamber knows that if the majority chooses to end the filibuster, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting, the bitterness, and the gridlock will only get worse…

    That does not serve anybody's best interest, and it certainly is not what the patriots who founded this democracy had in mind. We owe the people who sent us here more than that. We owe them much more.”

    The double standard deployed by Barack Obama and Harry Reid caused yesterday’s Senate vote because they are willing to do anything to get their agenda passed – but they both vehemently condemned the “nuclear option” when they were in the minority opposition!

    There is tyrannical manipulation taking place in the United States Senate – orchestrated by President Barack Obama and conducted by Senator Harry Reid.

    ++Harry Reid’s tyranny must be stopped!

    Liberty Counsel Action is calling upon all patriots to rise up and stand against Harry Reid’s dismissal of the longstanding rules governing the Senate.

    This is nothing short of a naked power grab – as we have seen Harry Reid do in countless circumstances to advance the leftists’ transformation of our nation.

    I believe that a massive public outcry will gain the attention of these senators that they are not representing the will of the people and will be held accountable!

    Mike, I am asking you to do two things today…

    FIRST, fax the Senate today. Utilizing Liberty Counsel Action’s highly effective fax barrage, you can fax a “Stop Harry Reid’s Tyranny” message to Senator Reid’s office, the offices of your two senators, and up to 10 Democrat members of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.

    Everything you need to fax Congress is right here. There are also fax options up to and including faxing the entire Senate. Please click here now to have your faxes delivered immediately:

    The SECOND action, in conjunction with the first, is to strongly oppose the three radical liberals nominated by President Obama to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

    The D.C. Circuit Court is considered to be the second highest court in the land in terms of judicial power, following only the Supreme Court, because it rules on disputes over White House and federal agency actions.

    Not only is the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals considered a launching pad to the Supreme Court, this court hears constitutional challenges to executive rules and regulations.

    The message to oppose these three radical, ideologue judicial nominees is included in the messaging to the Senate.

    The confirmation votes are expected after Thanksgiving. That gives us limited time to remind rogue senators WHO THEY REPRESENT!

    Yesterday’s action by Harry Reid is frightening, and every freedom-loving American should be deeply concerned.

    President Obama wants to stack the courts with likeminded judges to protect his agenda from lawsuits. In other words, he has control of the executive branch, the United States Senate, and the federal agencies. Now he wants to consolidate his control over the United States Federal Judiciary!

    Harry Reid believes the Democrat-controlled 113th Senate should be able to pass ANY legislation and confirm any nominee they want. Following Barack Obama’s lead, he believes he has a “mandate” from the People to run roughshod over the minority party.

    Reid has, in essence, told Republicans, “Go along with our agenda or we’ll pass it with no input from you whatsoever.”

    Take a moment and fax the Senate today. This is a crucially important now more than ever. If Harry Reid has his way, the Founders’ vision of a senior legislative body given to deliberation may well be gone forever – and the courts may well become mere rubber-stamp endorsers of Barack Obama’s leftist policies.

    God bless you,
    Mathew Staver, Chairman
    Liberty Counsel Action
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    Mark Halperin: Obamacare Contains "Death Panels"


    (Relevant portion begins at 8:00 mark in clip)
    NEWSMAX: The Affordable Care Act contains provisions for "death panels," which decide which critically-ill patients receive care and which won't, according to Mark Halperin, senior political analyst for Time magazine.

    "It's built into the plan. It's not like a guess or like a judgment. That's going to be part of how costs are controlled," Halperin told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.
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    Harry goes boom.

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