Senator Mark Pryor Insider Says Heís Lying About His Marriage Equality Stance

Continuing on a pattern established last week by Project Veritas Action in
the Kentucky Senate race, investigative reporter James OíKeefe changes his
focus to the Arkansas Senate race. In this new video report, undercover
investigators show supporters of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mark Pryor
claiming that he secretly supports marriage equality, a stance he actively
opposes in public.


PV Investigator: ďIíve been like interested in helping out with the Pryor campaign, for instance, but Iím having some misgivings about it. Given his marriage stance. ///My partner is very wealthy and Iíve been trying to get him to donate to Pryor.///but my partnerís like, yeah but then...heís great but but he thinks weíre secondary citizens.

BB: But, you have...him, whoís not going to openly come out and say, Ďoh yeah I support it,í because if you ask him personally, just people to people.

PV: Whatís that?

BB: So if you ask him personally like were talking right now.

PV: Have you?

BB: Hell yeah.

PV: Heís told you?

BB: Heís like you know, its not something we can talk about. Iím not against it.

PV: But he says heís against it.

BB: Heís not.

PV: Heís personally told you that?

BB: He said to a small group, like hey, you know, Iím not going to try to outlaw it, you know. I donít think you should be discriminated against. No, heís not a bad person.

PV: Ok, ok so it is just lip service. Thatís good. Thatís good.

BB: Now if you tell anyone I told you that..Iím going to find you and kill you.

BB: If you go at him, hey listen, you know, like...answer me this question and donít answer it like, donít tell me the answer you would tell other people because you want to win. Like donít, donít go at him like that. Like he knows me personally, he knows my family.

VO: And its not just Bailey Bibb...Pine Bluff Democrat Laura Campbell agrees.

Laura Campbell, Pine Bluff Democrats: He canít say everything he wants to say to get elected...he has to play politics.

VO: Paragould Mayor Mike Gaskill, a Pryor supporter, explains why politicians have to take positions they donít believe in.

Mayor Mike Gaskill: ďThatís the sad thing about politics, unfortunately people canít stand up and say what they really really want to do and believe in.Ē

VO: Project Veritas Action decided to call Bailey Bibb to confirm what she told us about Pryorís stance on gay marriage.


PV: Hello.

BB: Hello.

PV: Hi, Bailey.

BB: Hello.

PV: Can you hear me?

BB: Yea, yea I can hear you.

PV: I talked to my partner, whoís been on the fence and like I told you he has a lot of money and would be willing to umm donate to Pryor, as long as he had the peace of mind knowing that Pryor is really actually really on our side. But privately, heís for it.

BB: Right. Thatís to the best of my knowledge from what Iíve asked about, yeah.

PV: Yeah. Umm, what did he say exactly?

BB: What it is, I asked him, and he was like yeah. you know I donít think you should be discriminated against...and blah blah blah...and if you love somebody, you know. You know love is important in times like these.