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Thread: Sheriff Joe Reveals the Donald Trump the Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know

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    Sheriff Joe Reveals the Donald Trump the Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know

    19 Aug 2016

    In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in June, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio presents the side of Donald Trump the media is desperately trying to hide: his decency as a human being and how he is different from other politicians.

    Both the leftist media and establishment GOP pundits spent months trying to portray Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a monster, calling him a misogynist, a racist, and “Hitler.” After Trump’s blockbuster speech in Charlotte, North Carolina last night showed that Trump is both caring and tough, expect the media to go into overdrive laying down more dishonest narratives about who Donald Trump really is.

    In the first major address given by Trump since former Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon took the reins of the Trump campaign, The Donald showed that you can be passionate about America, compassionate about people, but still tough-as-nails honest about what it’s going to take to restore America’s greatness.

    This interview with law and order Sheriff Joe Arpaio, done as part of the filming for my upcoming movie The Bloody Road to Philadelphia, illustrates a great deal about who the real Donald Trump is — and it’s far from the super villain caricature that the establishment is desperately trying to draw.

    In it, Arpaio reveals how Trump dealt with both the sheriff and Arpaio’s wife, who is stricken with cancer. Mrs. Arpaio is a huge Donald Trump fan, and as this clip reveals Trump took time out of his busy schedule to personally reach out to her.

    Well, that’s politics, right?

    Unfortunately, it is not. Arpaio goes on to point out the other establishment politicians simply use people to get an endorsement and then throw them away like yesterday’s newspaper.

    But not Trump:

    (video at source link)

    ARPAIO: One thing I like about Trump, that he’s for the working people. His nose isn’t in the air, you know, ’cause he got this money. He believes in all the people, especially the working people. Which is a little unusual when most politicians are for you know, the white collar, so he’s a little different.

    And I don’t like to get personal, but I’m going to, because I think it’s important.

    I get very angry when they go after him. A lot of politicians go through your wife. For example Cruz’s wife called me and said, “Oh my husband would love to talk to you he’s down in a hotel.” So Cruz is using his wife? To call me? Trump did not have to use my wife to convince her to convince me, because I was already hooked to him. You get the point?


    JOE: So, we’re down here filming Hannity, and then we had the big demostration in my hometown where we locked up three illegals and you could see my house from where the rally was in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

    But, just before we went on his stage on Hannity to tape it in downtown Phoenix I said, you know what, my wife looks at you everyday on the TV, that’s what keeps her alive and keeps her going, because she was just diagnosed with cancer.

    So he picks up the phone, he talks to my wife for six minutes. Okay?

    And even in Fountain Hills–when he got elected–he happened to be you know, he was in town too, picks up the [phone], calls my wife again, calls her again. “Anything I can do? If you want my airplane I can pick you up, to New York” but of course my wife can’t travel. But that’s the way he is.

    He didn’t have to say that about my wife to get to me. Think anybody else would do that?

    Running for president, everybody I endorse, they don’t even call ya to say thanks after. You know, I was a campaign guy, honorary chairman for Mitt Romney. The first time I was George W. Bush’s honorary chairman, the first time. Last time all these people running for president (unintelligible) visited me in the office, they all wanted my endorsement. That was the last time. I settled with Rick Perry, campaigned for him.

    So I know a little about presidential candidates. Human nature. This is the one guy, out of all those people that I had met, that I have campaigned for, this is one guy that I really locked into. Forget the politics, respect him as a person.

    I said day one, July, when I first introduced him, “he’s gonna win.” And I still say he’s gonna win the general election.

    Trump is spending Friday visiting flood victims and assessing damage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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    You know one of the worst things the Corrupt Media has done is accuse Donald Trump of mocking that reporter for his disability. Trump would never do that, EVER. He was mocking the man's grovelling over his article Trump found that confirmed what Trump had been saying about Muslims cheering after 9/11. The second worst thing the Corrupt Media has done is accuse Donald Trump of attacking Megyn Kelly over her period, when he was talking about blood coming out of her eyes, nose, ears, mouth. That is the "wherever" that goes with his statement, not her period.

    The Corrupt Media is low-life nasty, the worst accumulation of misfits ever assembled and given a microphone. They are stupid, sick, mentally disturbed corrupt people. It's a terrible, terrible situation for our country to have such people in our Mainstream Media and Press, who can't tell the truth, who can't interpret statements correctly, who lie and insert both words and meanings into a candidates statements he never said and never intended, and just when you think they've sunk as low as they can go, they go further.

    Now they're attacking Trump for wanting to help poor and unemployed black Americans in our inner cities.

    Beware fellow Americans!! Don't fall for it. Trump is the first Real Republican we've had the chance to vote for in decades. People have to remember, the Republican Party wasn't created to collect income taxes or fund Wall Street. The Republican Party wasn't founded to redistribute our success to other countries to mitigate their failures. The Republican Party wasn't formed to feed defense contractors making fortunes in foreign wars that serve no purpose for the American People.

    No, the Republican Party was started to end slavery and establish equal rights for black Americans. Black Americans are the REASON there is a Republican Party. 2,000,000 Republicans joined the Union Army, VOLUNTEERED, to free 4,000,000 slaves in the South, they walked away from their farms, their businesses, their wives, children, girlfriends, hope and futures to risk everything to free 4,000,000 black people from the horrors of slavery, people they had never met and didn't know and who would never know them.

    THIS is why we have a Republican Party, and unfortunately, our job isn't finished.

    LETS elect Donald J Trump the 45th President of the United States so he can help US finish this. What's been going on in the black communities of our inner cities is because of Democratic control of these inner cities for 60 years. Lets stop it and fix it. We owe it to our fellow citizens, we owe it to our ancestors, we owe it to our country.
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