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    Just because a supermarket or any company does billions in sales , Don't assume the people running them are all brilliant , that is not the case

    My company does many billions a year in sales but its run by morons

    My old company before they sold out made millions in profit , took care of the employees and split their stock about every 2 years

    The company that took over mine loses millions , dumps all over the employees and their stock is in the gutter and going lower.

    The trick in the supermarket business is to take lower profit margins , sell cheap and move a lot of dollars through your front end.

    You take cash to the bank , not high profit margins

    The modern corp college boys running these companies had more than a dose of fuzzy liberal math in college

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justthefacts
    The company that took over mine loses millions , dumps all over the employees and their stock is in the gutter and going lower.

    Do you work for state or federal government?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justthefacts
    Supermarkets close for many reasons , Usually they are in unprofitable areas , Many will close old stores to build new ones , Years ago So Cal way over built on supermarkets.

    There are still plenty of them down there ,

    Whats hurting the big chain markets in those areas are the huge amount of small hispanic markets that are going up

    Yep, little mexican stores are opening up in So.Cal. Cardenas is one of them. There are some other mexicans supermarket chains opening up in America, I can't remember the names of. Why would a mexican shop at Albertsons, when he can shop at Cardenas?
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    The Govt. does not use "Food" or "Gas" when figuring the Economy.
    Why, I do not know. You only hear about Housing starts, Unemployment and the such (notice thier Experts are ALWAYS wrong too).
    If they did use food and gas prices think of how bad thier numbers would be?
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    An Albertsons closing is not surprising to me. Who really shops at Albertsons with their prices?

    I shop at Winco. Not sure how far into California it is, but the prices are SO much cheaper. I could walk out having spent $100, and come out with a lot of stuff, but if I spent the same at Albertsons, would come out with about 2/3 less. They are heavily overpriced and in a tough economy, this kind of store will close due to tight budgets looking elsewhere to get more for their money.
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