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    Speaker John Boehner Who Sold Us Out to Obama Needs to Go

    Speaker John Boehner Who Sold Us Out to Obama Needs to Go

    Posted on November 9, 2012 by The Watchdog

    The Country Cannot Afford another Sell Out. Speaker John Boehner Must Not Serve as Speaker of the House in the Next Session of Congress.

    Speaker John Boehner is another establishment puppet. He is a sell out. He has betrayed us doing nothing to keep the White House in check. He has done nothing. He only gave lip service at press conferences with tough talk but never backing it up. We cannot afford to have speaker John Boehner at this post the next session of congress for another term. He is useless as speaker of the house.

    Speaker John Boehner has caved in raising the debt ceiling. He has made deals to make the scandal operation fast and furious be swept under the rug. He has been out to lunch over the TSA abuses. He has allowed the war in Libya and Syria. He was silent on the NDAA’s provision detaining Americans without due process.He has rolled over reinstating the Patriot Act. He has been an ally for AIPAC which is the pro-Israel lobby. Speaker John Boehner did nothing. His leadership keeping the President in check with his power grabs through executive orders was silent.

    We need a real fire-brand Constitutionalists to be the Speaker of the House. We cannot afford Speaker John Boehner to be at the helm in the House of Representatives two more years. People like Rep Justin Amash or Walter Jones be good candidates for the position. They are not part of the establishment. These type of men in congress would not let the President steam roll over the American people’s constitutional rights that easily. I rather have those men as Speaker of the House then Speaker John Boehner.

    The House of Representatives is the people’s house. Not Israel’s house, not the money junkies house. We must not buy into the lie that Speaker John Boehner will be the next Speaker of the House in the next session of congress. We must reject the establishment’s choice. We must ignore the media’s propaganda that John Boehner will be reelected the speaker again.We need to tap on the shoulder and ask a Walter Jones or a Justin Amash to run for this post. People who seek the post are not the people we want. We need someone we call on who never wanted the job. But will step forward out of duty if the people call on them to run for the post for the sake of this country.

    We cannot afford another sell out to be speaker of the House. We need a leader in this post who is for America and for the American people who will not compromise.

    Speaker John Boehner A Sell Out to Obama Needs to Go | The Lone Star Watchdog
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    Boehner is weak nothing more then another RINO, we need a replacement.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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