For those that acknowledge the Collective Sub Conscience.

by their own subjugated in Mexico
the poor, no choices, and away they go
to enter our Country by hook or by crook
with help of coyotes, for money, it's sick
nobody stops it, our leaders are thick
then they are here, in the Dream that's the States
largesse, jobs, chance to fill your plate
not to worry about strangeness,as their ethnic community
have set up their homes, welcomes them, with impunity
then there are those that stick in my craw
those americans that just break the LAW
and hire these people, that will work for way less
if you were that poor, you probably would too, I guess
meanwhile, Americans are losing their livlihoods
to an ethos that ships them far away, and for good
the profits increase and fatten corporate pockets
I suggest we reinforce the border and lock it
then get to the job of scofflaws prosecute
come on with a vengeance, and be none but Resolute
in the end it has to be more than about Gold
GOD, this story is so terribly OLD!

Gibbon(Fall and Decline of the Roman Empire) would agree.

cheers glenn